How My Dream Came True

superhero, process, work, how, girl, dreams, come, true, my, dream, came true, writer, book, a man for every purpose, sexlovemantra, love, mystery, movement, understand, project, edit, publish, print, book, rich, famous, girl, woman, story, art, heart, understand, journey, learn, trauma, traumatizingI grew up loving to write. I am not sure how, but it was my art before I could even write actual words. I had an audience I would read my “books” to. They were real people who just happened to resemble my favorite stuffed animals.

I went through life never really being too smart. I went to school and did my best but it was never really good “enough.” At least not by my own standards. I did the work but never really excelled at much. I was horrible at any science or math, that was for sure.

I kept doing my best. I had many math tutors that tried their best to teach me but numbers were never something I was interested in. Writing, on the other hand, now that was exciting. There was no actual answer in writing. It could be whatever I wanted it to be. I could go on and on writing about something just because it felt right and I could not say the same about the sciences.

I decided I would study writing in college. And the rest is history. I graduated with honors from grad school and thought I would be rich and famous instantly. Boy, was I wrong… I graduated with a diploma and nothing more or less. All it was was a paper. A paper that left me more confused than ever.

One summer, I had someone I barely knew come to me with a laptop filled with something they hoped would someday be a book. I read about two pages and just knew, this was my chance to live out my dream. This story spoke to me on so many levels that I took it on as a work of heart. 

I spent hours, days, and years pouring love into this woman’s story. We sat together, with wine in hand, and had the most fun we had ever had, creating a more coherent version of something that already lived within her soul.

Little did we know what went into publishing a book. We were naive in this book writing journey and that it is what made it all worth it. I took her words and helped her make them into a work of art.

The steps that come after actually writing a book are not to be spoken of. They are not easy. But nothing ever worth it in life ever is.

We had no idea what we were doing, but there we were, with a more polished version of the original draft of this “book.” Little did we know how many more edits, steps and hurdles we would have to go through before reaching the finish line.

Some traumatizing events are often forgotten because of the pain they caused. Publishing a book can be categorized as a traumatizing event. Right when you think it’s all done, it’s not. And the cycle goes on and on until you decide to stop obsessing over it and realize it will never be perfect.

So, we are finally published and printed. I am actually looking at our book right now. It’s on my coffee table cheering me on. It’s telling me to keep following my dreams. It’s telling me that I have more than just one dream and that I am worthy of following them all.

I have yet to find out if this is true, but for now, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so spectacular. This is more than just a book, it is a movement. It will help people better understand themselves and the mystery that we call love. Without further adieu…

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Never stop following your dreams. Even when one comes true, there are many more to come.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why I Don’t Care That I Crashed My Car

car, crash, alive, blessings, blessed, gratitude, safe, thankful, present, life, wake up, brain, off, on, work, new, transition, drive, scary, why, I, don't, careI started a new job recently and am over the moon about it. It is exactly what I wanted to do and my heart is filled with endless gratitude. With this new gig comes a new way of life. I have adjusted to waking up earlier than ever and not having the option of escaping an office at any sign of stress.

The transition has been much smoother than I thought it would be but having a desk job is definitely not my familiar. Driving used to be the norm for me. I was always filled with adrenaline while fighting traffic. Those days are over, and for that, I am grateful.

I only drive about 30 minutes a day now which is pretty awesome. But my desk job takes so much of my brain power, that by the time work is over my brain just doesn’t want to think anymore. It shuts off immediately. It’s kind of strange and scary.

I headed home the other day after a long day at work. I went to wash and detail my car and got into a car crash as I exited the car wash. I followed the person while shaking in my boots. I just kept hoping everyone in the other car was okay.

The other driver finally pulled over, after what felt like 10 minutes of following them. They were calmer than I was. I honestly didn’t care what the physical damage was. I just wanted to make sure everyone was safe and sound.

I’ve crashed before, but never into a person in a moving vehicle. In the past, I would have been hysterically crying about the damage to my car. I would not have cared about anything but the money it would cost to fix my car.

This time everything felt different. I didn’t care about petty personal property, I simply cared about all the humans involved. The dent in my car was meaningless. My car is new, but who really cares? All parties were safe and that is a miracle alone.

The movie “Crash” immediately came to mind after this incident. Was I so mentally tired after such a long day that I became numb before colliding with another driver? Was I involved in a crash so I could be reminded to wake up and simply feel something? 

Who knows.

What I do know is that I definitely woke up in that moment. I looked around and counted each of my blessings. The point is to count all of your blessings in this way on a daily basis, not simply after a horrific incident.

Staring death in the eye shouldn’t be the catalyst, you should be the catalyst. Be that person who wakes up and never forgets what they are grateful for. I admit I have to work on this throughout the day and during mundane tasks like driving home.

I don’t think I was present enough in that telling moment. I was mechanically driving, but my mind was in “off” mode. Let’s never be “off.” Life is too beautiful to forget to be present. Yes, it is easy to let our minds wander, but let’s make it a point to limit this.

Had my physical life ended in that moment, I would have nothing to show for it but a blank mind eager to enjoy a mindless evening.

My life is in transition and it more important than ever to stay present, in my life, my career, and all of my heartfelt relationships. Changes are never easy and this crash proves that. Just when I thought all the threat and danger of driving was gone, it came back to slap me in the face.

I must always remember that I am alive, I am powerful, I am loveable, I am valuable, and I must stay forever present.

Don’t fall asleep in your waking life, that is what dreaming is for.

Stay alive. Stay present. Stay thankful.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why Thanksgiving is Pointless

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Most of us have our favorite holiday. Or we have the one that our family does “bigger” than the rest. People get together and show each other more love on these favorite holidays. Food is always the showstopper and family conversations fill up every room.

I like all holidays. From Easter to the 4th of July, I love dressing up and having any reason to celebrate. Not everyone can relate, but I have had a good time celebrating life every chance that I get.

Thanksgiving is different. There are no bunnies or Santa Clauses representing the day. With the exception of pilgrims and Indians, there really are no mascots. There are pumpkins involved as if Halloween was never forgotten. It’s all pretty confusing. It’s even gotten to the point where some people don’t even know the history behind it.

Thanksgiving is pretty pointless if you ask me. Who even likes pumpkin pie and turkey with mashed potatoes?  Why give thanks when life is so hard? Why surround yourself with people who just happen to share DNA with you? Why surround yourself with people who you have learned to call family?  Why celebrate a day whose message has gotten lost throughout the years?

I don’t know, but I sure love pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and turkey. Above all, I love all my blood relatives and the many people who I’ve decided to call family throughout the years.

I can honestly say Thanksgiving is pointless because of the fact that I give thanks for all I have every single day. But I sure love having an excuse to come together to stuff our faces and talk about all that matters to us.

My family does Thanksgiving in a big way. It is probably the biggest holiday for us. We all get together and bring too much food so we can all go home with five extra plates in our hands. My cousins and I have always had fun sitting at the “kid” table while the adults talk about their own nonsense at the “adult” table.

This year I am thankful for more than ever. My mother is healthy after a difficult year. My sister made it to 21, and my Dad is loving the retired life. I have finally found my dream job, own a beautiful house and car, and recently got a baby Bengal kitten with my love. Not only that but the first book I helped write got published and printed this week!

I didn’t get here without being thankful for my blessings each day. Today is pointless but meaningful. It marks a great moment in time for me and my family. I am still growing up and am so thankful that my support system is alive and well. I have so much love in my life and heart that it hurts and things cannot get any better than this.

We must be thankful each day. We must regularly call our loved ones to just say, “I love you.” We must not judge those people or things that we do not understand. We must understand that with gratitude comes greatness. Life without gratitude can really be underwhelming. I choose to live a life full of meaning, gratitude, and love.

What do you choose to live by?


Love Deeply and Forever,