Sleep Deprivation And Its Deadly Effects

zombie, dead, sleep, tired, die, killI slept four hours the other night. It was horrible. I woke up wanting to go back to sleep for another eight hours. I almost cried because I was so tired. Unfortunately, I had to go to work after all of the almost crying I did.

So off I went to my nine-to-five on almost no sleep. Last night was a horrible nap at best. It hurts to even write about it.

The entire day quickly became deadly. I was a real undead zombie walking among the people of Newport Beach. I didn’t care about anyone or anything and all those around me could tell. My smiles were all half ass and so were my conversations. I really just didn’t want to talk to anyone ever again.

I drove like a maniac. I wanted to cut everyone off and punch them in the face. I wished death upon horrible drivers. My attitude was altered, of that I am sure. I couldn’t see the beauty that is life. No flower seemed pretty enough and no situation seemed worth it. I was walking around with DGAF written on my forehead the entire day.

The thought of even dealing with clients made me cringe. I didn’t have the energy or the will to put up with the bullshit. But I did. I soldiered through it all and made it out alive. I had a few meltdowns along the way but no great war is ever peaceful. To simplify, I have provided a convenient list for us to reference when uncertain if sleep deprivation symptoms are present.

The deadly effects of sleep deprivation include:

  1. The desire to kill people
  2. The desire to have others kill each other
  3. Deadly driving practices
  4. Permanent zombie mode
  5. Violently lashing out at others

Sleep is very important. Not only to have our brains function properly, but to work efficiently, maintain relationships, lessen stress levels, avoid accidents and/or misunderstandings, but most importantly, to provide value, positivity and change in the world. Choose Sleep.

Why Looks Do Matter

looks, matter, different, first impression, love, judge, prejudice, accept, belong, appearance, physicalI was always the girl who wanted to fit in. By age 9, I already had boobs and all the other stuff that comes along with puberty. I thought I was a freak. I wrapped my chest as tightly as I could before school just so no one could tell that I was a curvy “woman” attending the fourth grade.

I was tall and awkward most of my life and, well, that’s an entirely different story. The point is, I never wanted to be different. I just wanted to enjoy my childhood which translated into blending in rather than standing out.

I can’t lie. I am still awkward. My friends eventually caught up with me by middle school but my mentality never really changed. I am still not the skinny girl or the smartest girl and that is just fine. However, one dramatic transformation has taken place within me as a 20-something. I love myself as is. I accept I am different and I love every inch that I am.

People can tell us that image isn’t everything. We grow up being taught that we need to love people’s substance rather than looks, yet we talk about things like “love at first sight.”

I try to not judge people upon first glance. The little awkward girl inside of me remembers what it is like to be “different” so I do my best to make all of those around me feel like they belong. As humans, of course we all belong and deserve the same respect as the next person. And while this is true, image does matter in our society.

People will judge us if we have a unicorn tattoo on our face. People will make preconceived notions about us based upon our appearance. Of course, I am not saying this is right, as I am guilty of doing much the same. I can’t help call it like I see it.

I always give people a chance to prove or disprove what I believe about them upon first glance. I think this is the best course of action. But guess what? Looks do matter, a lot.

I am not happy our society focuses on looks but it does. I know people looked at me differently when I had bright red hair. I know people stare if any cleavage is present. The teenage me would say f it. Be yourself! The 20-something me knows better.

I try to look put together and consistent everyday. Not because society told me to, but because people in my “world” like consistent and dependable people. I don’t follow fashion trends, yet I always try to keep my look classic and timeless.

My younger sister would say I’m conforming to societal norms. Maybe I am a sellout! However you want to look at it, I am choosing to not stand out by what I look like on the outside. I don’t want to be loud or obnoxious by the clothes I wear or the hairdo I rock. I can be loud and obnoxious with my personality alone, haha.

I believe intelligence and wisdom can drown out the rest of the noise. Image will always be a factor in our everyday lives. It is up to us what we do with this fact.

Let’s open our hearts and place prejudices in our pockets upon meeting new people. Let’s try to look into hearts rather than into cars or clothing brands. Let’s try to just see with the heart even though our eyes and thought patterns tend to get in the way. And while our physical bodies do offer first impressions of who we are, let’s remember they are just vessels.

Some of our vessels are louder or more put together than others, yet we are all on this journey we call life together. Let’s try to make everyone around us feel as much love and understanding as possible when we encounter them. Physical appearance can get lost in translation, yet love will always be universal. Choose love not looks.

Why The Future Doesn’t Matter

future, fortune, cookie, time, love, todayI used to always have anxiety about the future. I worried about who I would be and when I would be it. I couldn’t stand the uncertainty about the future and I seriously considered seeking out a psychic.

Would I have the big house? Would I have the three kids? Would two be boys and one be a girl? Would I be working at some big agency somewhere? Would I be wearing high heels and pantsuits everyday?

Anxiety has been absent from my life for many years now. I don’t stay up at night wondering about the future or how much better it could possibly be than today. So why the change of heart? Why am I not worried about who I will become tomorrow?

It is pretty simple. Tomorrow is not promised. I might not become more or do more than today. But guess what? That’s totally okay.

I do my best to be the best version of myself in the present moment. I try to not take anything or anyone for granted because of the fact that tomorrow might never come.

Of course, having plans for the future is always smart. Studies show people live longer, healthier and happier lives if they have something to look forward to in the future.

I am not saying let all of that go and say F*&^ it. I have plans for the years ahead of me. I have goals I have set in my mind and altered throughout the years.

It is always important to look forward rather than backward when it comes to life. It will help keep you sane. But thinking too much about the future is also unhealthy. If you are too worried about tomorrow, you might not see the beauty in today.

The future should definitely be planned for. It is a possibility but not a certainty. And that’s the funny thing about life. It is all a series of uncertain moments based on a measurement we call time.

While plans are important, the present is the most important. It is all we can really be sure of. The people we care and love about might not be around tomorrow, so let’s make sure we tell them how much we care and appreciate them today.

As many plans as we make, it is always best to understand plans can never truly be concrete and the people around us are never permanent. Instead of worrying about the future, let’s think about how we can make others smile today or feel better about themselves today. Let’s think how we can be kinder and compassionate to all those we come across today.

Envisioning a future and working toward a goal is fantastic, but today is what really matters. Stay Present.