Death of Perfection

There is something romantic about that moment in a story where the superhero turns out to be human. Where his super powers diminish because he has something like kryptonite to bring him to his knees. These moments remain absent until suddenly they are not. It could be because as you age you grow wiser or it could be because at some point you realized imperfection is the most perfect state. Life is filled with ups and downs and the downs are what make the ups so magical. So what does the death of perfection do for us? It humbles us and makes us feel like we are not alone in the world. I have seen two heroes crumble. Yes, it was painful. Yes, I wished things would have stayed in their perfect state as I witnessed this death before my eyes. But one thing is for certain, all humans have a weakness and that is simply what makes us human and beautifully tragic. When my biggest hero shed a tear, I shed five more. When my friend admitted life was not as peachy as it always seemed, I had never felt so comforted in the chaos I call life. So is the death of perfection really just perception? Is nothing perfect? Is everything just perfectly imperfect? Many questions run through my mind but I know one thing is certain, we are in this together and we should simply be kind to one another throughout this journey.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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