How Emotions Can Affect Your Health

sick, emotion, health, hurt, pain, sickness, illness, ailment, mind, body, strong, weak, thoughts, controlI workout, eat healthily and am relatively young. I usually feel amazing when I wake up. My body appreciates how I care for it and is extremely strong and dependable on a daily basis.

My body has not felt so amazing the last few weeks. I have felt my stomach acidity rise and my skin has been suffering as well. I have been more hunched over than usual and today I even experienced a migraine…

These ailments have really taken a toll on me and my attitude on life.

I have lashed out at innocent people, I have been all around grumpy, and even my workouts have suffered. When my body is not at 100 percent neither am I and I am very aware of this fact.

So what changed? Why did I suddenly age 15 years during my birthday month?

My state of mind has drastically changed. Negative emotions have taken over my body. Stress is literally making me sick.

This can happen to us without us noticing. Our stomachs start to churn or our backs suddenly refuse to support our bodies. It can be as simple as a breakout or as complicated as a complete meltdown.

I have to admit I did not handle my stress too well these last few weeks. And that’s the thing about stress, although it seems unavoidable we shouldn’t always have to “handle” it, we should be preventing it. Stress is basically anxiety about oneself, it is a result of insecurities and fears.

I could have avoided physical pain by reassuring myself that I am strong and capable, but because of the fact that I was subconsciously telling myself I was not good enough, my body decided to follow suit.

Ironic, huh?

I honestly believe all sicknesses arise as a result of fear and stress. I have a friend who always tells me the link between body aches and the mind. They explain that every pain I ever feel is related to some negative emotion within my heart and mind.

Although I don’t always want to admit it, my body is rarely wrong. It often speaks much louder than my own thoughts.

I fully understand why I have felt so strange lately and it’s time for my body to stop feeling sorry for itself! I am strong, beautiful, intelligent and capable. I can do everything and anything I put my mind to.

Stress will not be a debilitating factor in my everyday life. I simply will not allow it. Although we can’t avoid having fears, we can avoid letting them control us.

I want to feel great everyday both emotionally and physically. In order to do this, I must keep working at loving not on only my body, but my heart and mind as well. Choose health. Choose positive emotions and affirmations. Choose self-love.

Love Deeply and Forever,


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Author: Karen Dominique

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