If You Have Ever Wondered Which Product You Should Buy You Need To Read This

buy, choices, store, brand, review, consumer, product, obsessed, decision, wonderI am one of those people who spends hours at the drugstore reading all the labels in order to make an “informed” decision as to what product I should buy.

Given every store has a limited lineup of products, it is safe to say my final decision is not necessarily the best decision.

My greatest disappointment took place one day when I was in the middle of Ulta (one of my favorite beauty stores) and I asked an employee the difference between two of their “Ulta” brand products, their response: “I really don’t know, they seem almost the exact same to me.”

Huh? What do you mean you don’t know? You kinda, sorta work here and represent the brand.

Or how about the time when I was getting a salad bowl (I swear) at Taco Bell and I asked the cashier if she had tried the freaky taco with the egg as the shell and she told me, “Honestly, it grosses me out so I have never even tried it.”

Wait, what? Don’t you work here and represent THIS brand? 

At least both of these employees were being honest, right? They didn’t give me some bullshit response. They let me make the decision I needed to make without being influenced by a biased source.

Needless to say, I don’t ever want to try that strange taco thing and I never purchased that Ulta product again. Mainly because those representing the brand didn’t even believe in their own products or know anything about them.

So what should I buy when confronted with so many options? I often check Google. It is flooded by many one-sided opinions regarding the products in question.

I recently posted a review on food delivery services when I had only tried two of the many companies out there offering the same product. I did it so people could narrow it down once they tried these specific two.

There has to be an easier way to pick the “right” or “best” brand out there then weaving through many Google search results, I have always thought.

I stumbled across this cool site where all the reviews can be found in one place, reviews.com. Not only that, but the reviews are educated ones. They even have an article about food delivery services like the ones I once reviewed, where their writers spent six weeks testing a bunch of different services comparing recipes, dietary restrictions, and novice chef options.

I just got a kitten and I stoked to find an article about the best cat treats on the market. I love that they try products over an extended period of time in order to provide the best and most reliable reviews.

And just like me, those reviewing these many products are obsessed consumers interested in finding the best products and brands to invest in.

It’s as if they are conducting separate focus groups for every product you have ever wondered about. Not only that, but the site is pretty easy to navigate, it includes one tab and a list of all of the products you might be thinking about buying in alphabetical order.

While I continue to use Google for product research, I always go to reviews.com first. I trust them because they have used the products more than once and like to compare and contrast goods and services on one simple site.

I wish I got paid or receieved some sort of incentive for writing this but I don’t. However, I am pretty sure I just saved you from some future grief.

You’re welcome.

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Author: Karen Dominique

I am a writer of sorts. It is my passion above all else. If you need any coaching or ghost writing services please feel free contact me.