Why The Future Doesn’t Matter

future, fortune, cookie, time, love, todayI used to always have anxiety about the future. I worried about who I would be and when I would be it. I couldn’t stand the uncertainty about the future and I seriously considered seeking out a psychic.

Would I have the big house? Would I have the three kids? Would two be boys and one be a girl? Would I be working at some big agency somewhere? Would I be wearing high heels and pantsuits everyday?

Anxiety has been absent from my life for many years now. I don’t stay up at night wondering about the future or how much better it could possibly be than today. So why the change of heart? Why am I not worried about who I will become tomorrow?

It is pretty simple. Tomorrow is not promised. I might not become more or do more than today. But guess what? That’s totally okay.

I do my best to be the best version of myself in the present moment. I try to not take anything or anyone for granted because of the fact that tomorrow might never come.

Of course, having plans for the future is always smart. Studies show people live longer, healthier and happier lives if they have something to look forward to in the future.

I am not saying let all of that go and say F*&^ it. I have plans for the years ahead of me. I have goals I have set in my mind and altered throughout the years.

It is always important to look forward rather than backward when it comes to life. It will help keep you sane. But thinking too much about the future is also unhealthy. If you are too worried about tomorrow, you might not see the beauty in today.

The future should definitely be planned for. It is a possibility but not a certainty. And that’s the funny thing about life. It is all a series of uncertain moments based on a measurement we call time.

While plans are important, the present is the most important. It is all we can really be sure of. The people we care and love about might not be around tomorrow, so let’s make sure we tell them how much we care and appreciate them today.

As many plans as we make, it is always best to understand plans can never truly be concrete and the people around us are never permanent. Instead of worrying about the future, let’s think about how we can make others smile today or feel better about themselves today. Let’s think how we can be kinder and compassionate to all those we come across today.

Envisioning a future and working toward a goal is fantastic, but today is what really matters. Stay Present.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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