How Gifts Can Change Lives

gifts, presents, gestures, small, special, important, time, amazing, friend, letter, mail, heart, love, lives, change, dreams, success, victoryI have been following my dreams since I can remember. Although I took a brief hiatus, I am back at it again. Writing and editing like there is no tomorrow. The trick is to be proactive with your dreams rather than hope they will just magically happen one day.

I posted something regarding my recent victories on social media and I got many likes and comments. I felt pretty great after that. My confidence was just as high as my hopes for the future.

A week went by and I lost a bit of that initial spark. I began feeling a bit anxious about the future but did my best to snap myself back into the present moment. I mean, I have my sad moments too, just like the next person.

I got home one day and ran over to the mailbox expecting some new bills! I thought, Wow, being a homeowner sure is exciting. I saw a bill, then I saw another… I then came across a mystery envelope. I wondered what baby shower or wedding was coming up. My mind went blank, there was nothing.

I opened the envelope and came across a card that read “You Da Bomb.” Inside I found a friend had copied and pasted my recent social media update about following my dreams. She let me know that she has never been prouder of me and to keep doing what I am doing and never give up.

Before I even got halfway through reading the letter, I started crying. The fact that someone took the time to not only write me a letter, but cut and paste my own message into it was just so thoughtful.

My amazing friend even included a gift card! Before I even opened it, I thought, it doesn’t even matter what this gift card is for, all of this is already way too much.

It was a Starbucks gift card that read: “Please go have a drink on me!”

I can’t begin to explain how this message in the mail changed my life. I was stuck in a not-so-happy moment. I had been trying to shake it off all day.

I had felt like a ghost in my own life that day. When this letter came, I shifted into the present moment. I literally stood on the sidewalk and wept. I felt so special to someone. I then began feeling special to myself again.

It is really amazing what a small gesture can do. The gift wasn’t even really the gift card, the gift was the beautifully handwritten note to me. And while social media recognition is awesome, the emotion that comes across in a handwritten letter is so much more intense, personalized and beautiful.

Thank you, Friend, for changing my life with your gift. It reminded me to live life passionately and tenaciously. It reminded me that there is no sweeter moment than the present. It also reminded me that I am not alone and that love is all around me at all times.

Love Deeply and Forever,


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Author: Karen Dominique

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