How Laughter Can Change Your Life

“Why are you always so nauseatingly happy all the time?” A coworker asked me during one of our team meetings. He said he oftentimes finds it difficult to understand why and how I am giggly and bubbly all the time.

Guess what, dude? I’m really not. I hate on people and things and I walk around with so many thoughts in my head it sometimes hurts. I think about my future, my present and my past self all the time. It’s enough to need a second cup of coffee by noon.

So, why do I laugh at the end of most sentences? It’s not because I need to fill silent voids during conversation. It is because it is good for not only me, but all those around me as well.

Some laughs are more sincere than others. Some laughs are downright fake. But studies show that even fake laughs release endorphins. Those little happy things that bounce around in our heads.

Exercise and laughter produce the same kind of happiness within our brains. Crazy, huh? Laughing makes your ribs move up and down and this movement activates those endorphins just like any cardio would.

I sometimes even laugh during arguments. Of course, it’s not a good look for me during these serious moments, but guess what? Laughing makes pain more bearable. It makes your tolerance for pain higher. Maybe I laugh during painful moments in order to ease the pain within my heart.

Okay, so maybe laughing during arguments isn’t ideal, but man do I feel better after a good laugh. I laugh so those around me can laugh with me. I laugh because I never take myself too seriously. I laugh because I don’t take life too seriously.

Life is about having fun and laughing at yourself.

Life is about enjoying every moment, whether it is good or bad. There are no bad moments. There are only moments that make you stronger and better, which in turn will make you happier in the long run.

So next time you are feeling like a failure or like your day isn’t what you thought it would be, share a laugh with yourself or with someone else. It’s contagious, it’s healthy and it’s definitely worth it.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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