Human Flaws


Humans are forever “works in progress.” Everyday we can work on our demons and better ourselves. I had an argument with someone lately. They told me calling humans works in progress is a blanket statement and a stupid statement. I beg to differ, sir. I try to be the best version of myself each day. I see my flaws, sometimes clearer than other times but they do not make me feel small. My flaws are what make me me and what will eventually make me stronger and better.

The human state is the flawed state. We all walk around each day giving the world a piece of who we are. I choose to give the best piece. I have my days too though. And on those days, I make it a point to laugh harder and smile bigger because you never know who you can make happier just by example.

We can argue about the human condition all day but I rather not. I rather change the world through tiny acts of kindness and giving my fellow humans grace. Give them grace on their individual journey. Give them grace for the way they are feeling. Give them grace for being flawed like you.

We tend to be hard on others because we see our own flaws in them. Grace is the answer and gets us a little closer to understanding the flawed human condition. Yes, we are forever works in progress, but no, we do not have to judge each other because of it. Flaws are what unite and ignite us. Let’s give ourselves grace.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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