I See Rude People

Why people should fight the urge to be rude


There I was, in the middle of my favorite store looking at cute blouses for Vegas. I was enjoying my late night shopping until someone ruined it.

As I was looking closely at the detail on a blouse I might purchase, some lady looked at me as though I should move out of her way. It was more than implied, her eyes said, “Move b*^#%, get out the way!”

First of all, I was here first. Second of all, you can wait your turn and go look at something else while I finish what I am doing. And third of all, just please go away with your ugly mug. But she didn’t, she proceeded to try and make her way around me even though there was no room to. She failed.

Shake my head…

I see these type of inconsiderate rude people all day. I can’t say I am always polite, heck, I am rarely polite, but I try my best to give people the right of way wherever I may be. Whether it is on the road or in a store, I let people know they matter through means of kind gesture.

So why is being polite to others so important? Why should we constantly do our best to be kind to those around us? We should do all of the above because of the fact that we are all on our own personal journey.

We all have rough days and not so rough days, and rude people will not serve us either way. We don’t know what the person we cut in line is going through that day or why the person in front of us on the road is driving so slowly. If we proceed to be rude because we don’t quite understand why people act the way that they do then we will spark a negative chain reaction of hate.

I am guilty of this. Someone cuts me off, so I proceed to cut them off and vice versa. I try my best to not give into the wrath of rude people but it is easier said than done, that’s for sure. I definitely prefer we go back to basics and treat others the way we would like to be treated in order to create a positive chain reaction full of love and kindness. I understand kindness often goes unnoticed, but rudeness is much too loud and much too clear to impose on innocent others who are simply trying to make it through their day.

So next time you have the urge to be rude to someone, take a step back, breathe, remember we are all human and going through our own shit, and proceed to smile and be polite as possible. Why? Because at the end of the day, although it is much easier to be rude than to be polite, acts of kindness can help make our world a better world to live in. And wouldn’t that be something to look forward to everyday?

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Author: Karen Dominique

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