A Letter To My Younger Self

letter, body, spirit, invincible, trust, younger, self, love, thankful, deserve, promise, hurt, baby, adult, learn, live, tomorrow, today, moment, energy, environment, pure, negative, beautyDearest Baby Karen,

I know today might not seem like the best of days but I promise you things will get better.

I know you don’t know what you will become and/or when, but do not fear, trust in the process.

I know a lot of things may not make sense to you now but I need you to know that clarity comes with experience. And while so many things just might seem “not fair” right now, life lessons will soon reveal themselves to you.

I need you to know that there is no reason to worry about tomorrow. There will be plenty of tomorrows. I promise. And while this is true, live today like there is no future promised for you. Enjoy every moment of being young, beautiful and “invincible.”

Be sweeter to those around you, I promise you will one day come to understand why. Treasure every moment of having no real responsibility because I assure you that this will change.

Look at every moment as an opportunity to be better, do better and act better.

Let your parents hug and love on you.  They are the only people who will ever love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Stop running away from affection and embrace love.

Respect all that you are and protect the vessel that is your body. Go outside more, experience the world more and stay active. Things will eventually start to hurt so take advantage of your young bones and young spirit.

Karen, I need you to understand that you are deserving of great love. I know it may not seem like it now, but your heart has a lot of love to give the world for many years to come.

Please don’t allow others to hurt or poison your heart. While your heart is pure as are your intentions, not everyone else has the same truth. I know you can be content if you can find that balance between paranoia and trust.

I know you have been hurt and I can’t promise you that you will never hurt again, but I can promise you that you have more control over your emotions, energy, and environment than you think.

I guess all that I am really trying to say is love more. Instead of seeing the negative aspects of all that comes your way, see the beauty and love within it. Life can and will be so much more beautiful if you simply change your perspective.

Be thankful every day for all that surrounds you and trust that life will teach you all the lessons you will ever need to learn.

Love Always and Forever,

Adult Karen

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Author: Karen Dominique

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