What Makes A Person Strong and Beautiful?

beauty, strength, beautiful, strong, warrior, inner beauty, inner strength, positive, soul, mind, spiritWhen I was younger, I always thought beauty was aesthetic. I thought acrylic nails and big hair were what made women a force to reckon with. As I get closer to being 30, I realize I had it all so completely wrong.

While I used to view beauty as something that was strictly physical, I now view beauty as something that is cultivated from within. I have also recently come to the conclusion that people in general, male or female, are beautiful because they are strong and are strong because they are beautiful. The two ideas go hand in hand.

When I talk about “beauty” and “strength” I am talking about inner beauty and inner strength. Inner beauty radiates onto others because of a true inner strength that exists from within.

Think about it, haven’t you noticed that some overweight people tend to be so much more “beautiful” and friendly than some that are physically in shape and/or just extremely narcissistic? Some may argue they must overcompensate, but I disagree.

I believe many dispositions and/or characteristics that don’t fit into society’s general definition of physical beauty are the very things that make people beautiful from within. It is the difficult journey of being “different” that makes many souls dance with happiness and radiate positivity and strength. Weird right? These people know there is more to life than “fitting in.”

People are beautiful because of the strength within and are strong because of the beauty within. I now view people who have survived hell as the most beautiful of souls.

Why? Because if they have overcome obstacles and can still manage to stand up tall with a smile upon their face, they have effectively reached an entirely different level of beauty. This level of beauty isn’t one that can be painted on. It is one that has been rightfully earned, battle wounds and all.

Those that are warriors within are the most beautiful within.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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