I cried today at yoga. What was it? Was it the heater or the chair poses?

It was the stillness. The fact that in that moment all I could do was concentrate on my breathing and be thankful for being a living human made me cry. How many moments pass us by throughout the day where we are not conscious? I have driven down the same road a hundred times but just recently noticed that beautiful tree standing next to that rundown building.

Anxiety is something that stands in the way of you and being present in your moment. I had anxiety in my teens. It was so bad I would start breathing heavily at the thought of any stressors. At 20-something I’ve learned to cope with anxiety and be in the present moment. I do this by not getting fixated on what I can’t control. The truth is, life is a series of unpredictable events and even if we form routines and rituals we must learn to be present, aware and thankful of all that is in front of us. Yoga has helped me do this as well as exercise in general. Find your happiness and the present will be joyful and worth looking up at.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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