No, I Am Not Married

I have heard it all. Those that are happily and those that are not. Those that ended up with the person they thought they were marrying and those that did not. The biggest question at 20 something seems to be, “When are you getting married?” or the sweet, “Haven’t you guys been together forever?” No, I am not married. Yes, a lot of my friends are or are in the process of being. I used to take such questions very seriously. I used to think something was completely wrong with me. I thought, maybe I am just not marriage material. Then again, Why do so many people see marriage as the end game? It is the beginning of an entire different chapter and the end of another.

I have heard dating is as good as it gets. Adding a wedding band to the mix will not magically change my partner or myself. Maybe I will just stay ageless and unmarried like Jennifer Aniston. I met with an old friend who completely understood why I am not married…yet. We talked about how social media puts a subconscious pressure on us and how each of our journeys are unique. As a single 20 something I see myself going on social media less and less. I do not dare compare.

Marriage is a socially constructed institution that I am simply not ready for. I am not even ready to live with someone. I live alone. I cook and clean for myself. I am a housewife without the husband or kids and I absolutely love it! I guess you could say I am married to myself and would not have it any other way. At least not yet. No, I am not married. Yes, I am content on my own journey. Yes, I have so much more to figure out about myself and those around me before I bind myself to someone else.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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