When It’s Okay To Not Show Up To Work

absent, no show, miss work, when it's okay to not show up, day off, call out of work, family, prioritiesI have always been the perfect attendee. I never missed a day of school nor was I ever late while growing up. My parents taught me to show up even when you are feeling under the weather. I never faltered. I always followed directions and found my strength in structure.

So what happens when you know you will not be mentally present? Do you go to work anyway? Do you physically show up even though you know your mind won’t?

On most days, I say YES! SHOW UP! Change your attitude and leave your personal life at the door! Forget about your drama and get the job done. Tackle your mission and then go home to worry about the rest of your life.

There is only one excuse for not showing up to work. One exception to the rule. One thing that I wholeheartedly believe is a legitimate reason to call out of work for.


When family needs you, you go. It doesn’t matter if it is the biggest presentation of your life or the opening night of your play. It doesn’t matter if you made previous plans that can’t be rescheduled. You go where you are needed most.

While careers are important, family is the most important. While your coworkers depend on your work, your family depends on your emotional support.

Who will be there even when you fall? Family. Who knows you better than you’ll ever know yourself? Family. Who will never judge you? Your family.

If your family needs you, go. Your job will still be there tomorrow. And even if it isn’t, another job will show up. One that respects the fact that you value family above all else. One that makes you the best version of yourself by providing a healthy work-life balance.

I took a last-minute day off yesterday and don’t regret it one bit. My blood was calling me. My family needed me there. It wasn’t a situation where I had to even think twice about my decision. I knew they needed me and I showed up on their doorstep.

I have always prided myself on never taking days off. I have always thought showing up to work or school was priority. And while this is at the top of my list, family is my number one. It hasn’t always been that way, but I sure am glad it finally is that way.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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