Sleep Deprivation And Its Deadly Effects

zombie, dead, sleep, tired, die, killI slept four hours the other night. It was horrible. I woke up wanting to go back to sleep for another eight hours. I almost cried because I was so tired. Unfortunately, I had to go to work after all of the almost crying I did.

So off I went to my nine-to-five on almost no sleep. Last night was a horrible nap at best. It hurts to even write about it.

The entire day quickly became deadly. I was a real undead zombie walking among the people of Newport Beach. I didn’t care about anyone or anything and all those around me could tell. My smiles were all half ass and so were my conversations. I really just didn’t want to talk to anyone ever again.

I drove like a maniac. I wanted to cut everyone off and punch them in the face. I wished death upon horrible drivers. My attitude was altered, of that I am sure. I couldn’t see the beauty that is life. No flower seemed pretty enough and no situation seemed worth it. I was walking around with DGAF written on my forehead the entire day.

The thought of even dealing with clients made me cringe. I didn’t have the energy or the will to put up with the bullshit. But I did. I soldiered through it all and made it out alive. I had a few meltdowns along the way but no great war is ever peaceful. To simplify, I have provided a convenient list for us to reference when uncertain if sleep deprivation symptoms are present.

The deadly effects of sleep deprivation include:

  1. The desire to kill people
  2. The desire to have others kill each other
  3. Deadly driving practices
  4. Permanent zombie mode
  5. Violently lashing out at others

Sleep is very important. Not only to have our brains function properly, but to work efficiently, maintain relationships, lessen stress levels, avoid accidents and/or misunderstandings, but most importantly, to provide value, positivity and change in the world. Choose Sleep.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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