The One Thing You Should Never Forget at Home

forgot, mind, home, thoughts, never, one, thing, positive, forget, focus, present, believe, goals, dream, accomplish, thoughts, dreams, negative, leave, believe,I was at Crossfit yesterday just loving life. I love that point in the day where I can just stop thinking about work and life and just focus on what my body can do.

Working out offers a great sense of relief that helps me navigate through stress and all of life’s noise. I left work a bit stressed out and was very grateful it was now my time to focus on me. Although I was super excited about working out, I forgot to bring something with me today that I can never forget again.

We started doing some push presses and I kept saying, “I can’t.” What a fatal flaw. I learned long ago, that if you say you can’t, you probably won’t. This was definitely the case this time around. I just couldn’t. My workout partner was very supportive and reminded me that I needed to just, “focus.” Easier said than done, right?

I told myself to “focus” and I just kept failing. It wasn’t until I took the “I can’t” mentality out of my head that I was able to completely focus on the task at hand and finally succeed.

Simply telling yourself to “focus” is not enough. You must believe in yourself and take all negative thoughts out of your head to truly reach your potential. The negative should be replaced by only positive affirmations to achieve any personal goal.

I sound like a nauseating self-help book, don’t I? No apologies here, I saw how not focusing directly affected my workout and how that transfers to life in general.

The story doesn’t end there. We moved on to our timed workout and I forgot to believe in myself again. I had no focus. I went to jump on a box and fell to my knees. Literally. I could have broken a bone but I knew I was going to fall before I actually did. Weird, right?

Not really, this happens in real life too. We create safety nets for ourselves in fear of failing. Maybe we take up substances to avoid dealing with things, or maybe we have plan A, B, C, D, E and F. It’s good to be prepared, but never okay to set yourself up for failure. I knew I was going to fall before I did, and guess what? I did.

Any goal we set can be achieved if we just remember to bring our deep “focus” and positive affirmations with us. You can’t leave this stuff at home. I sound like a broken record when I say, “Just be positive.” And although it sounds so basic and cliché, it is true about most things. I admit, some situations cannot be turned into something positive and/or affirmational.

But when it comes with something you want to accomplish, it is easy to forget to focus and believe in yourself. We are our own toughest critics after all…

I realize I learn a new life lesson every day. Whether it is at the gym, work, or home, I am constantly soaking up life knowledge like a sponge. Yesterday’s lesson was focus. Not the artificial kind, but that deep focus that comes from within.

Simply telling yourself to “focus” is sometimes not enough. I had to let go of all my negative thoughts yesterday before I could actually tap into true focus and determination within me.

Remember, if you ever want to get anything done in life, don’t forgot your focus at home. Take it everywhere you go by staying present and clearing your mind of all negativity that might want to sneak in throughout the day.

Stay present. Stay focused. Stay positive.

Love Deeply and Forever,


I Chose To Be Poor And Here’s What Happened

I was born and raised extremely spoiled. My parents were never super rich but they made sure I had everything I wanted and more. Santa always got me every single thing on my list. I grew up expecting to always be surrounded by nice things and people.

When I was 17, my dad offered me a rent-free condo, a car, and tuition. He told me if I stayed in one of his (local) rental properties I could have all the luxuries from home away from home.

I thought about it. I considered it. I quickly realized that wasn’t me.

I wanted to forge a future of my own. I wanted to get an education while chomping down on ramen noodles every night. I wanted the struggle. I wanted to earn my freedom.

Crazy, right?

I traded in the car for a bike. I traded in a free condo for a dirty half dorm room. I traded in a comfy allowance for some minimum wage scraps. I wanted to live the true American dream and escape the trenches of my childhood home. Yea and that made a lot of sense since my childhood home exuded comfort. Oh, what a tortured soul I was.

I “roughed” it in my own way throughout college. I ate Dino nuggets from Costco and had a cup of noodles at least once a day. Life was beyond amazing! I could do whatever I wanted without answering to anyone… or so I thought.

Life caught up with me and my reckless ways of life but I continued to choose a minimalist way of life. The longer I could stay out of my parents’ pretty house, the better. They even replaced me with a dog.

I lived the “poor” life up. I loved having only enough money to buy eggs, milk, and cereal at the market. Every day was an adventure, a chance to find a really good steal at the local thrift store.

I gave up all things sparkly and traded them in for hard work and long nights. I thought nice things were the devil. I thought I would never give in to the “system.” Haha, yet there I was at a state university studying to become something socially acceptable that would one day pay plenty of tax dollars to the “man” each year.

Upon graduation, I decided to move into a box in a rough part of town. It was the smallest little room you could find. It had only a bed, a bathroom, and a mini-fridge. The kitchen consisted of a hot plate and a toaster-oven. Now, this is luxury I thought!

The point of the box was to never have to depend on my parents for anything. The box was pretty amazing until it wasn’t. Eating on your bed everyday can get really old and it did. I grew out of my box and wanted more space to think and grow.

Don’t get me wrong, I got my Master’s degree in that tiny little box. Although the box was great, I realized I was settling for less in fear of not becoming successful enough to ever pay for more. I literally had boxed myself in. I was frozen in place with no signs of advancing in life.

I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and stop running from my past. I wanted to create a future much like the one my parents created for me. I decided I would get a house. I decided I would take on the risk of a mortgage.

I decided I would be relentless on my journey to achieve more, do more and be more. Even if I had to become a credit card abuser statistic, I was going to make this next step happen. The box made me want so much more from life.

And so I did it! I am sitting in my house as we speak (or type). I am sitting on the couch that I bought. I am looking at a kitchen that I hired a team to make pretty.

I have love surrounding my physical and energetic space. I have welcomed people into my home  and they can feel all of the love I have within my heart. That alone makes this huge risk worthwhile.

I have yet to really use a credit card as abundance has come my way. I willed it and I worked for it and I am now currently enjoying it. Being poor was extremely fun and liberating but accomplishing and reaching for more makes my life so much fuller. I am now able to share love on an entirely different level as I come home to it every single day.

I am now able to share love on an entirely different level as I come home to it every single day.

Choose to take on risks. Choose to take on more. Choose to laugh in the face of fear and doubt.

Love Deeply and Forever,