Memories and Mimosas Over Memorial Day Weekend

mimosas, drinks, drink, wine, memories, memorial day, nostalgia, fun, sun, girls, strong, love, weekend, flamingo, mind, friends, people, happiness, sinfulThis weekend I decided to throw caution to the wind. My girlfriend invited me to her pool party and I just couldn’t say no.

Even though I could never wear a bathing suit, I said, whatever, let’s party! Not only that, but I can’t even drink anymore because I am in my late 20s rather than my early 20s.

Things have definitely changed. Hangovers are not welcomed and blacking out is not cute. Getting lost in random cities is also not trendy, not even with Uber and Lyft around.

I put on my latest summer dress and decided I would go hang out with my good friend. The good friend who I always used to get into trouble with. I sure have missed her, I thought. I went to buy wine at the market so I could just play it safe the whole day.

Boy, was I wrong. All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, red, white and blue Jell-O shots showed up! The mimosas were endless. Very few people paid any attention to the food on the BBQ or the water that was nowhere to be found (except in the pool).

I started floating on a pink flamingo alongside my two new friends, all of us with strong cocktails in hand. The day was perfect and more people started showing up. All of which I had partied with at some point in my life.

My mind went traveling back in time. I remembered all those hazy nights and confusing mornings. I remember being newly single and wanting the world at my fingertips. I remember just wanting to party until grad school started in the fall. I felt broken and confused, just wanting to forget it all.

They were fun yet troubling times. I was in the midst of a huge transformation and I knew it. This pool party took me back to so many places. I couldn’t help but smile. At my naivety and stupidity in general. But beneath all the darkness, was a girl who was about to be reborn and that is why I smiled so fondly at those memories.

Saturday was full of happiness, sun, and sinful cocktails. Just me and a bunch of beautiful girls still trying to figure out this life. All of us are a little bit older, a little bit wiser and still full of so much love and hope.

Thank you for your visit, Sweet Nostalgia. It is always a pleasure to feel with you again.

Love Deeply and Forever,

How Cooking Changed My Life: Purple Carrot Vs. Sun Basket


I have always liked knowing what ingredients go into my food. Organic selections have always intrigued me, yet their price never has. I know what I should be eating and when, however, I don’t always follow my own advice.

I lost over 40 pounds a few years ago by cooking the same type of meals every single day. It was always a basic protein and some veggies. No oil, only dry spices were allowed. I did my best to ignore the fact that everything I put in my mouth was bland. I was on a weight loss mission!

Somewhere along the line, I missed flavor. I missed what makes food so amazing. I began just eating healthy without all the calorie counting or internal body shaming. This led me to become a bit lazy. I drive a lot for work so “healthier” drive-thrus like Pollo Loco became the norm.

Those meals got old too. I mean, how many modifications can you conjure up in the Pollo Loco drive-thru line?

I recently discovered meal kit delivery services. They deliver fresh ingredients to your door. They come in pre-portioned containers with specific recipes associated with each ingredient bag. Everything comes well insulated so you don’t even have to be home when your food arrives!

I did my research and found some had very high-calorie counts. I went with a plant-based option called Purple Carrot. It is sponsored by Tom Brady, so I thought, this one must be good!

It was good. It was more than good, it was great. However, I am not vegetarian and I quickly realized I rather have an actual meatball than something that resembled it. Not only that, but the meal prep time associated with building items from plants was quite tedious. I am a perfectionist, so every meal must turn out just like the recipe card.

After just two vegetarian weeks, I opted for a change. I decided to start ordering Sun Basket instead. It markets its brand as a “healthy” and “organic” meal delivery service. Prior to receiving my first meal kit package, I was extremely excited! I couldn’t wait to eat meat again!

When my first Sun Basket arrived, I got to cookin’. Sun Basket recipes were so much easier to make! I got excited about creating a meal my partner and I could enjoy without questioning how it was made.

My first meal was Thai Chicken Curry and I couldn’t believe what a little chef I became in a matter of minutes! It took a maximum of 35 minuted to make and that dinner alone convinced me I would be sticking with Sun Basket.

I never thought I could cook until Sun Basket. My new meal kit cooking ritual has changed my life. Every recipe forces me to slow down, mentally and physically.

I always try to multitask like a crazy woman and these step-by-step recipes create a certain level of zen within my soul. It’s hard to explain, but as a hard working woman, cooking has just never really appealed to me.

Sun Basket has changed all of that for me. I love cooking now, I like having an excuse to “slow down.” Not only that, but my honey loves the night off he gets when I offer to cook for us.

Who knew cooking could be so relaxing, peaceful and fun? I always thought I would never have time to cook, but just like exercising, I now force myself to make the time. I used to hate running around the market looking for ingredients I did not have and now Sun Basket just delivers it all to my door.

I didn’t have the creativity to just make something with the ingredients in the fridge and now Sun Basket does all the thinking for me. It’s more awesome than anything I have ever tried before.

So, even though a meal kit delivery service might sound a little lazy or dumb to some people, I can honestly say I will continue to order Sun Basket as long as they are in business. It calms me down and saves me a lot of money. If you want three free meals to get started, let me know. I don’t get paid to market this brand, but if I did, it would be a dream come true! Order Sun Basket today!


Love Deeply and Forever,


Why I Am Such A B*#@$

mean girl, bitch, mean, why, say no, no, direct, command, bullshit, conviction, kindness, don't want, do want, sweet, killing I have been reflecting a lot on my past recently. Mostly because my little sister is 20 and is going through some of the things I already went through. I wonder if I could have been hurt less had I known then what I know now. Of course, this is a mind game I will never win. What is done is done, and there are few, if any, regrets in my life.

I have always been a little bit of an odd ball. The girl who was never Hispanic or “White” enough. And while I wish I could say I have never wanted to please people, I always tried my best to fit in.

This means I subconsciously tried pleasing people along the way. If fitting in meant following the leader of my group or losing a few friends to stay loyal to another friend, I often chose such routes.

As a 20-something year old, I find myself with a handful of true “friends.” I choose quality over quantity now and my life has never been full of so much love.

So why am I such a loner now, you ask? I decided one day I would flip a switch and become a total bitch. I own this title only because of the fact that being a bitch to me simply means saying “no.”

I don’t beat around the bush. I don’t bullshit people left and right when I don’t want to do something. I just say “no.” I still struggle with saying “no” to my friends and family. Obviously, I still have a heart, but I also have to do what is best for me sometimes.

I stand strong in my convictions and being a bitch just comes with the territory. I recently tried the killing people with kindness thing and it worked out really well until it didn’t.

I have an acquaintance who just couldn’t read between my “sweet” lines. I gave a suggestion and they simply told me to go ahead and take my own suggestion.

I was in shock. My jaw dropped to the floor as I realized I have to now be a bitch in every social area of my life. Maybe I will have more haters than usual, but at least I will stay true to myself.

Okay, so maybe I don’t have to be a total bitch, but I will definitely be as direct as possible when I want something done. I will continue saying “no” when I mean it and I will no longer ask people to think about doing things, I will simply command they do them.

I am much too old to be playing the teeny bopper card. I have to own up to not only what I don’t want, but also what I do want.