The One Thing You Can Never Get Back Once It’s Gone

look, looking, lost, lose, get, back, one, thing, can't, once, gone, reputation, credibility, trust, circle, communication, people, style, lie, lies, liar, you, believe, I am at that point in my life where I have learned a lot about people and how to communicate with them. It is important to have the right tone with the right people and always adjust your style depending on the situation and audience.

It’s always fun to meet new people and learn how they work. Some people respond better to humor, while others prefer a more direct form of communication. I have even met some people who prefer to talk about everything in the context of dating.

Communication and credibility are key when establishing new relationships and nurturing old ones. Credibility can be established through means of positive and effective communication.

Credibility is very important in life and losing credibility can be life altering.  Once people cannot trust you, it’s over. It can forever damage your reputation. And once that is damaged, good luck ever really repairing it.

Once your coined a liar, you can’t apologize and say you have changed and expect the world to trust you again. I mean, you can, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily will. People will always have that doubt that you are not being truthful.

I have encountered many people who just like to lie. Whether it’s about a past experience that didn’t happen or a movie they never watched, they lie through their teeth at all costs.

I am not sure if it is a defense mechanism they acquired while growing up, or something else, but these people are to never be trusted.

I even worked very close with someone who turned out to be the liar of all liars. They lied about everything just to get a reaction out of me. They lent advice that was only to sabotage me, and it wasn’t until I verified one of their white lies that I realized this person never speaks their truth. It was unfortunate but true.

The moment I realized this person was King Liar, was the moment I stopped sharing anything worth sharing with them. I no longer confided in them and I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder in their presence.

It affected me. I must admit this. Did I let it affect me more than a day? No. I began to find it comical and made sure to never share anything of depth with that lying person again.

So, what’s the point of my long rant? A good reputation is the one thing you can never get back. Once it is gone, it is gone.

Consistency is key in all that you do and consistently lying will only get people to consistently not trust you. If they cannot trust you, you lose all credibility and people will refuse to be around you or have you be a part of any their circles.

Be careful with what you say, don’t say, and wish you could say. Sometimes less is more. Lies can break you, your reputation, and those who once believed in you.  And once you break something or someone, it can’t easily be put back together. Take care of what you have. Take care of you. Take care of your reputation.

Love Deeply and Forever,


How Life Is Like Football

I have always loved playing football. I can honestly say I understand maybe 60 percent of the rules. I get the main idea, but some things go right over my head. Although this is true, the basic principles are universal.

I have a boss that likes to compare life to football. Every single scenario turns into a football scenario. I never understood the parallel until the other night.

As I watched the Super Bowl, I thought many things. Most of which consisted of how an American tradition can rack up so much revenue. I also thought about how we attach ourselves to familiar rituals and how fandom plays a huge role in our society.

But how is life really like football? Life is like football because in order to be successful, you must be consistent and be a team player. Not only must you be a team player, but you must be loyal to your values and mission.

My boss always says “be consistent.” In the way you walk, talk, act, and look. Much like the Patriots, you must never lose momentum and this can be done by staying consistent in all you do. You must be the same as much as possible in order to gain credibility amongst your peers.

I guess I never understood this until I started meeting flakey people who blow you off without any warning. I have never experienced such frustration as when other people make it seem like their time is much more valuable than yours.

The Patriots are known for keeping momentum through every quarter. Rather than starting off with more energy than they end up with, they maintain the same amount throughout the entire game. Consistency is obviously key in everything we do.

What about the whole being a team player thing? I have always thought this is such a cliché piece of advice. It wasn’t until I met the walking definition of a narcissist that I understood the importance of being a team player.

Narcissist only cares about one person. It is obvious in every action they take. Yes, we should always love ourselves above all others, but the rest of the world doesn’t need to know that. If you are not part of team, then your team will never carry you when you are injured. Instead of being like Narcissist, we should be more like Brady, who owes much of his success to not only his football team, but his support system (or team) at home.

We all have teams that we create within our worlds. Whether it be at work, home, gym, or in our hobbies, we have teams that we often rely on to stay consistent and always be there for us. If we don’t stay consistent, the rest of our team will never trust us. If we aren’t team players, we will forever be playing a game of solitaire. We won’t ever have the support we need to just simply keep going on some days.

So that’s why life is like football and football is like life. We are all just metaphors, now aren’t we?