The One Thing You Can Never Get Back Once It’s Gone

look, looking, lost, lose, get, back, one, thing, can't, once, gone, reputation, credibility, trust, circle, communication, people, style, lie, lies, liar, you, believe, I am at that point in my life where I have learned a lot about people and how to communicate with them. It is important to have the right tone with the right people and always adjust your style depending on the situation and audience.

It’s always fun to meet new people and learn how they work. Some people respond better to humor, while others prefer a more direct form of communication. I have even met some people who prefer to talk about everything in the context of dating.

Communication and credibility are key when establishing new relationships and nurturing old ones. Credibility can be established through means of positive and effective communication.

Credibility is very important in life and losing credibility can be life altering.  Once people cannot trust you, it’s over. It can forever damage your reputation. And once that is damaged, good luck ever really repairing it.

Once your coined a liar, you can’t apologize and say you have changed and expect the world to trust you again. I mean, you can, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily will. People will always have that doubt that you are not being truthful.

I have encountered many people who just like to lie. Whether it’s about a past experience that didn’t happen or a movie they never watched, they lie through their teeth at all costs.

I am not sure if it is a defense mechanism they acquired while growing up, or something else, but these people are to never be trusted.

I even worked very close with someone who turned out to be the liar of all liars. They lied about everything just to get a reaction out of me. They lent advice that was only to sabotage me, and it wasn’t until I verified one of their white lies that I realized this person never speaks their truth. It was unfortunate but true.

The moment I realized this person was King Liar, was the moment I stopped sharing anything worth sharing with them. I no longer confided in them and I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder in their presence.

It affected me. I must admit this. Did I let it affect me more than a day? No. I began to find it comical and made sure to never share anything of depth with that lying person again.

So, what’s the point of my long rant? A good reputation is the one thing you can never get back. Once it is gone, it is gone.

Consistency is key in all that you do and consistently lying will only get people to consistently not trust you. If they cannot trust you, you lose all credibility and people will refuse to be around you or have you be a part of any their circles.

Be careful with what you say, don’t say, and wish you could say. Sometimes less is more. Lies can break you, your reputation, and those who once believed in you.  And once you break something or someone, it can’t easily be put back together. Take care of what you have. Take care of you. Take care of your reputation.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why My Favorite Job Is The One I Don’t Get Paid For

work, working, favorite, why, job, career, dream, follow, writing, passion, pay, heart, words, stories, I used to work at the happiest burger place on earth, In N Out Burger. I learned the most important life skills there. I learned that smiles can fix all and that what happens behind the scenes must always stay behind the scenes. I learned to treat everyone like they are the most special person in the world and that hard work never comes easy.

I graduated from In N Out five years ago. I sometimes grab a burger and think fondly of my time there. How young and naive I was and what hard work it was to come together with a group of people for a shared goal-food preparation, assembly, and delivery.

I now work at a finance company. Ironic, huh? I went from throwing potatoes in a fryer to frying my brain with numbers, figures, and negotiations. Anyway, I always thought that if I stayed at this company my dreams of becoming a writer would never come true. I felt like a sellout for a couple of years.

The more I opened my eyes and heart I realized I had it wrong all along. I started this blog in hopes of propelling my dreams and this decision has done so much more than that. I have come to find that my favorite job and my most passionate job is the one that pays me absolutely nothing.

I published an online article on a platform of my dreams and touched many hearts in the process. I am on the verge of having the first book I coached a writer on published as well. My dreams have already come true in so many ways.

The first time I realized my words meant something to someone I knew I did something right. The first time I heard my words brought tears to people’s eyes I realized I have the capability of touching the world with my words.

When I was younger all of that was what I aspired to do. I wanted to create art that evoked emotion I wanted to tell stories with words that could touch people’s hearts. I have accomplished all of this. Secret fans have come out of the woodwork and that alone makes it all worth it.

If you have ever related to anything I have ever written I have to thank you for keeping me going, for making me feel like I make a difference. My supporters are those closest to my heart so thank you for making my heart feel so full.

Although I have my main “hustle,” the one that pays all of the bills and even paid for the laptop I am writing on, my side hustle, the one that includes all my hopes and dreams but happens to pay zero dollars, is the most fulfilling one. It is the one that brings the most love and emotional satisfaction into my world. Choose your dreams. Choose your passion. Choose what brings you love.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

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Why do you think bad things keep happening to you?
Have you ever wondered why you are down on your luck or why bad things keep happening to you?

Have you ever been so positive you find it extremely confusing when freak accidents happen to you?

Have you ever felt like, “I don’t even deserve this, I am a good person…”?

I know I have. Over the past three weeks, I have continually questioned my positive attitude. I have wondered why one bad thing has happened after the next, especially when I have been so at peace with myself lately.

The first incident involved someone trying to run me off the road about a block away from my house. The second incident happened last week when someone threw a heavy, blunt object at my car window while I was driving late at night. It shattered my back window and extensively damaged my car.

What is the common denominator in both incidents? I feel like I brushed accidents or death. I was shaken to the core after both experiences. My life lost balance and I heavily examined the meaning of life and those that mattered most to me immediately following both terrifying moments.

So, why do bad things happen to good people? I have been doing everything right, I thought. I have stayed on the right path, I thought. I have been kind and sweet to all those around me. I have undergone a deep spiritual transformation and am in the midst of sharing all I have learned with others.

Why do random bad things happen when everything seems like it’s going right? I tried googling the spiritual meaning of freak accidents. I sought answers in every which corner but have gotten absolutely nowhere.

Why is it that there is no definite answer as to why bad things happen to good people? Some things have no real or universal reasoning behind them. For me, I think these two incidents serve one specific purpose. To be more thankful.

Yes, I try to tell my friends and family that I am thankful for them, but do I truly show it? Am I doing my best to make those around me feel love? I don’t think I show beautiful emotions to those I love quite enough. I don’t think I could die tomorrow feeling completely content with what I left or did on earth.

These two freak accidents seem metaphoric to me. I am cruising through life and it’s time for me to wake up and take action! I must be more than just thankful in my heart, but show it with my actions.

I think I have always been afraid of extremes because of my past and my addictive personality. Although this is true, it’s time for me to love extremely! It is time for me to dream extremely! It is time for me to act extremely and in the most positive of ways! I am not ready to leave this earth and I think Spirit knows this. But I am ready to change the world through extreme action and extreme love.

Maybe bad things happen to good people in order to make them stronger and make them better. Maybe bad things happen to good people to wake them up from the dream that is life.

I am extremely thankful that incidents shake us to our core sometimes. In my case, I definitely needed a wake up call to action. Thank you, Universe. Thank you for throwing random things at me to remind me that I am more alive than I have ever been!