The One Thing You Should Never Forget at Home

forgot, mind, home, thoughts, never, one, thing, positive, forget, focus, present, believe, goals, dream, accomplish, thoughts, dreams, negative, leave, believe,I was at Crossfit yesterday just loving life. I love that point in the day where I can just stop thinking about work and life and just focus on what my body can do.

Working out offers a great sense of relief that helps me navigate through stress and all of life’s noise. I left work a bit stressed out and was very grateful it was now my time to focus on me. Although I was super excited about working out, I forgot to bring something with me today that I can never forget again.

We started doing some push presses and I kept saying, “I can’t.” What a fatal flaw. I learned long ago, that if you say you can’t, you probably won’t. This was definitely the case this time around. I just couldn’t. My workout partner was very supportive and reminded me that I needed to just, “focus.” Easier said than done, right?

I told myself to “focus” and I just kept failing. It wasn’t until I took the “I can’t” mentality out of my head that I was able to completely focus on the task at hand and finally succeed.

Simply telling yourself to “focus” is not enough. You must believe in yourself and take all negative thoughts out of your head to truly reach your potential. The negative should be replaced by only positive affirmations to achieve any personal goal.

I sound like a nauseating self-help book, don’t I? No apologies here, I saw how not focusing directly affected my workout and how that transfers to life in general.

The story doesn’t end there. We moved on to our timed workout and I forgot to believe in myself again. I had no focus. I went to jump on a box and fell to my knees. Literally. I could have broken a bone but I knew I was going to fall before I actually did. Weird, right?

Not really, this happens in real life too. We create safety nets for ourselves in fear of failing. Maybe we take up substances to avoid dealing with things, or maybe we have plan A, B, C, D, E and F. It’s good to be prepared, but never okay to set yourself up for failure. I knew I was going to fall before I did, and guess what? I did.

Any goal we set can be achieved if we just remember to bring our deep “focus” and positive affirmations with us. You can’t leave this stuff at home. I sound like a broken record when I say, “Just be positive.” And although it sounds so basic and cliché, it is true about most things. I admit, some situations cannot be turned into something positive and/or affirmational.

But when it comes with something you want to accomplish, it is easy to forget to focus and believe in yourself. We are our own toughest critics after all…

I realize I learn a new life lesson every day. Whether it is at the gym, work, or home, I am constantly soaking up life knowledge like a sponge. Yesterday’s lesson was focus. Not the artificial kind, but that deep focus that comes from within.

Simply telling yourself to “focus” is sometimes not enough. I had to let go of all my negative thoughts yesterday before I could actually tap into true focus and determination within me.

Remember, if you ever want to get anything done in life, don’t forgot your focus at home. Take it everywhere you go by staying present and clearing your mind of all negativity that might want to sneak in throughout the day.

Stay present. Stay focused. Stay positive.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why Failure Is Good

Failing yourself is not failing at life

When I was 4 years old I knew I was a writer. I would carry notebooks and pens with me everywhere I would go.

Even though no one could actually read my scribbles, I knew pens and papers would always console me. I could create whatever I wanted to create in the confine of my room and no one could ever take that away from me.

When I was in high school, approaching graduation, I had no idea what profession would later become my career. My mom asked me, “What have you always loved? What have you always been good at? That is what your career will be.”

The answer was writing. Teachers always praised me for the art I created on paper. I felt the most confident communicating through written word. I then set out to be a journalist.

Somewhere along the line, my dream was shattered. At 20 something, I am not a journalist. Sure, I have written for numerous newspapers, magazines and publications, but I am not writing for the New York Times.

Although this is true, I once thought not amounting to what I set out to be as a child made me a pure failure. I gave up writing after getting my Master’s Degree. A light inside of me dimmed as I believed I could either be all I wanted to be or nothing at all.

Boy, was I wrong. My heart screams for me to write. Maybe I won’t be a conventional print journalist like I thought, but that doesn’t mean I am no longer a writer. I will always be a writer. It’s just who I am at my core.

So were my dreams ever shattered or did I just become my own worst enemy? I became my own road block! I can’t even begin to understand why or how I did this to myself, but I did, and man, did I become good at it.

We constantly make contracts with ourselves. We say things like, “I’ll never do THAT again,” or “I am NEVER going to let myself feel that again.” We all do it. Think about it. How many contracts have you recited to yourself lately? How many times have these contracts limited you?

I am making a new contract with myself now… I REFUSE to let my contracts dictate my future or hold me back. I will now only make contracts with myself that serve me.

In order for me to reach my full potential I must break and reprogram these contracts which are instilled and created by me and only me. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Life is full of improvisation and compromise and it need not to be viewed negatively or as failure.

I now realize I can alter the concrete plans I mapped out for myself while growing up. Just because you take an unanticipated road, doesn’t mean you will never get to your desired destination. Life is always changing and so are our circumstances. As this is true, we must grow and create change within ourselves before we can begin to change the world.