Why Thanksgiving is Pointless

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Most of us have our favorite holiday. Or we have the one that our family does “bigger” than the rest. People get together and show each other more love on these favorite holidays. Food is always the showstopper and family conversations fill up every room.

I like all holidays. From Easter to the 4th of July, I love dressing up and having any reason to celebrate. Not everyone can relate, but I have had a good time celebrating life every chance that I get.

Thanksgiving is different. There are no bunnies or Santa Clauses representing the day. With the exception of pilgrims and Indians, there really are no mascots. There are pumpkins involved as if Halloween was never forgotten. It’s all pretty confusing. It’s even gotten to the point where some people don’t even know the history behind it.

Thanksgiving is pretty pointless if you ask me. Who even likes pumpkin pie and turkey with mashed potatoes?  Why give thanks when life is so hard? Why surround yourself with people who just happen to share DNA with you? Why surround yourself with people who you have learned to call family?  Why celebrate a day whose message has gotten lost throughout the years?

I don’t know, but I sure love pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and turkey. Above all, I love all my blood relatives and the many people who I’ve decided to call family throughout the years.

I can honestly say Thanksgiving is pointless because of the fact that I give thanks for all I have every single day. But I sure love having an excuse to come together to stuff our faces and talk about all that matters to us.

My family does Thanksgiving in a big way. It is probably the biggest holiday for us. We all get together and bring too much food so we can all go home with five extra plates in our hands. My cousins and I have always had fun sitting at the “kid” table while the adults talk about their own nonsense at the “adult” table.

This year I am thankful for more than ever. My mother is healthy after a difficult year. My sister made it to 21, and my Dad is loving the retired life. I have finally found my dream job, own a beautiful house and car, and recently got a baby Bengal kitten with my love. Not only that but the first book I helped write got published and printed this week!

I didn’t get here without being thankful for my blessings each day. Today is pointless but meaningful. It marks a great moment in time for me and my family. I am still growing up and am so thankful that my support system is alive and well. I have so much love in my life and heart that it hurts and things cannot get any better than this.

We must be thankful each day. We must regularly call our loved ones to just say, “I love you.” We must not judge those people or things that we do not understand. We must understand that with gratitude comes greatness. Life without gratitude can really be underwhelming. I choose to live a life full of meaning, gratitude, and love.

What do you choose to live by?


Love Deeply and Forever,



Why My Life Revolves Around Coffee and Wine

coffee, wine, drink, relax, alcohol, survive, work, cancer, caffeine, moderation, best friend, Say what you want about caffeine and alcohol, they are my best friends.

When I was younger, I could not stand the smell, taste or idea of coffee. My mom would drink several cups a day and I just simply could not deal with it.

When it comes to alcohol, it is safe to say I am permanently retired from those crazy college nights out. Binge drinking is just not for me.

So what is it about coffee and wine that I just can’t resist? The meaning behind both beautiful beverages and the rituals associated with them are what make them irresistible. They are definitely a huge part of my life and I refuse to part with either until further notice.

Studies show that people get excited about Starbucks the moment the barista hands you your drink. The rest is history.

We don’t even have to drink coffee to feel its effects. The simple idea of coffee can make us smile and cheer us up when we are having a less than ideal day.

Not only does coffee make us happier, it is good for our bodies. It has fiber, lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and depression, as well as protects the body from cirrhosis and Parkinson’s. 

I have a Starbucks gold card and I rack up those points like no other. I get your simple (and cheap) Americano with soy milk every chance that I get. The moment I hold that cup is the moment I know I will be okay. I’m not kidding. It literally brightens my day and gives me the energy and will to go on.

When it comes to wine, well, I have to be careful. I never try to have more than one glass at a time unless it’s time for bed and I am home. Wine means more to me than I would like to admit.

I’ve read various health articles about why wine is good for you. Studies show it helps prevent inflammation and blood clots in the body, strengthens bones and body defenses and has anti-cancerous effects. Wine is also linked to preserving memory and your waistline. If that’s not enough reason to drink a glass a day, then I don’t know what is.

Wine means the week or day is over. It means I survived. It means I was strong enough to not lose my shit. Even if I did lose it, wine is my favorite companion after all of it is said and done. I prefer Merlot above all else or any red that is within my reach. I am also not picky, a cheap wine will do.

Coffee helps me survive the work week and reach the end goal I like to call wine. I am sure I could survive with neither beverage, but life is so much sweeter with these beautiful beverages in hand.

Of course, everything is good in moderation and I can’t stress this enough when it comes to inhibitors like alcohol and caffeine. Live life, have fun, and never forget your wine and coffee!

Love Deeply and Forever,


Memories and Mimosas Over Memorial Day Weekend

mimosas, drinks, drink, wine, memories, memorial day, nostalgia, fun, sun, girls, strong, love, weekend, flamingo, mind, friends, people, happiness, sinfulThis weekend I decided to throw caution to the wind. My girlfriend invited me to her pool party and I just couldn’t say no.

Even though I could never wear a bathing suit, I said, whatever, let’s party! Not only that, but I can’t even drink anymore because I am in my late 20s rather than my early 20s.

Things have definitely changed. Hangovers are not welcomed and blacking out is not cute. Getting lost in random cities is also not trendy, not even with Uber and Lyft around.

I put on my latest summer dress and decided I would go hang out with my good friend. The good friend who I always used to get into trouble with. I sure have missed her, I thought. I went to buy wine at the market so I could just play it safe the whole day.

Boy, was I wrong. All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, red, white and blue Jell-O shots showed up! The mimosas were endless. Very few people paid any attention to the food on the BBQ or the water that was nowhere to be found (except in the pool).

I started floating on a pink flamingo alongside my two new friends, all of us with strong cocktails in hand. The day was perfect and more people started showing up. All of which I had partied with at some point in my life.

My mind went traveling back in time. I remembered all those hazy nights and confusing mornings. I remember being newly single and wanting the world at my fingertips. I remember just wanting to party until grad school started in the fall. I felt broken and confused, just wanting to forget it all.

They were fun yet troubling times. I was in the midst of a huge transformation and I knew it. This pool party took me back to so many places. I couldn’t help but smile. At my naivety and stupidity in general. But beneath all the darkness, was a girl who was about to be reborn and that is why I smiled so fondly at those memories.

Saturday was full of happiness, sun, and sinful cocktails. Just me and a bunch of beautiful girls still trying to figure out this life. All of us are a little bit older, a little bit wiser and still full of so much love and hope.

Thank you for your visit, Sweet Nostalgia. It is always a pleasure to feel with you again.

Love Deeply and Forever,