How To Stay In Love Forever

love, forever, safe, partner,years, communication, success, forever, in love, how, to, words, listen, romantic, lust, more, friends, friendship, heart, importantI have known my love for over 12 years. We have gone through it all. Multiple jobs, partners, and life circumstances. We have despised each other as well as adored each other. It started out as lust and turned into so much more.

I met him and knew he was meant to be in my life forever. I can’t tell you exactly how I knew, but there was definitely something about the way he looked at me. His eyes told stories I could only hope his lips would one day tell.

Life continued to happen and we continued to deeply care for each other. No matter what boyfriend or girlfriend of the week the other had, we couldn’t stay away from each other. We had become a little more than friends throughout the years.

They say timing is everything and I couldn’t agree more. I wanted him to let down his walls. I wanted us to reach the next level. We never did. We stayed romantically stagnant as our lust and friendship grew. Whether one or the other was platonic at the time, I will never know.

Anyway, here we are 12 years later. I am more in love than I ever thought possible.

He is my best friend and so much more. He brings happiness to my every day and makes sure I am always safe and cared for. Our family is growing (with pets of course)!

We are a team with an unbreakable bond. And even when we can’t agree, we still long to be next to each other. We know our souls are meant to be together.

We have different views regarding certain topics but we work well because we both are able to listen to each other. At the end of the day, even our smallest disagreements are productive.

Many couples say communication is key in every relationship. It’s true.

Listening is the most essential part of communication. People never forget the way a person who listened to them made them feel. However, they can easily regret sparking up a conversation with a self-absorbed narcissist.

I now realize that I love listening to my partner because of all those years he spoke but said nothing at the same time. All those years that I yearned to know more about that look in his eyes. We were friends with limitations and now we are a team harnessing the power of listening with the heart.

Remember, some of the most powerful things can be said with absolutely no words. If you just listen closely, you can leave the greatest footprint in the hearts of others.

Find eternal love in listening.

Love Deeply and Forever,


How Money Bought Me Happiness

money, happy, happiness, material, food, pamper, responsible, sad, mood, down, love, self love, work, hard, reward, princess, spoil, yourself, youI have felt a little strange this week. Last week was spectacular, I was on top of the world. This week, ehhh, not so much. I was waking up in weird funks every morning without any reason or rhyme.

I have yet to figure out the reason behind this week’s mood, but maybe there isn’t a reason. Even if there is one, I am not sure I even really care. Sometimes moods go up and sometimes they go down and there is no need to understand every single thing in the world.

It could be the weather. It could be because it is a Tuesday. It could be because office morale is down. It could be because money is tight. It could be because you are frustrated with your best friend. It could be because your husband was rude. It could be because all your music sucks. It could be because Trump.

The list goes on and on of possible reasons your mood could be down. I don’t know my reason but I do know my solution. I decided to love on myself. I always love myself, don’t get me wrong. I mean, I am pretty awesome after all. But this week I decided to amplify the self-love.

How did I do that? I pampered myself. I got a massage, I went out to nice restaurants, I bought some beauty products. I spent the money I often feel I don’t have enough of and just LIVED.

I mean, that’s what money does right? It helps us live and helps us live well. Of course, it doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy a little comfort.

I know I have things to work on. I know I have things to heal from. I forever am a beautiful work in progress just like the next human I come across. However, this specific week I just needed to show myself more love. My heart requires it and my soul continually fights for it.

Self-love does not require a dime. You can go paint your nails or run a hot bath. You can grab a piece of paper and just write. You can go on a beautiful hike. You can go on a walk on a pier. Self-love can be found anywhere.

I decided to self-love myself more materialistically this week and that’s okay. I deserved it. I have been working really hard to make money recently and I wanted to see that at work. I wanted to make myself feel like a princess. And I did.

I am thinking next week I will slow my roll. I won’t buy that $15 salad, I will go back to making my own… Oh, Wait! Next week is my birthday! Nevermind, I will go back to being responsible the week after next. I promise. Haha.

No matter why you are feeling down, make sure you are not forgetting to love yourself. I talk a lot about love, peace, serenity and all that junk but I sometimes forget all of that lies within myself.

I like words of affirmation from others, I like acts of service from others, I like gifts from others, but one of the strongest and purest of loves comes from me.

I am the one that gets me more than anybody else and for that, I am extremely thankful. Choose you. Choose self-love. Choose what feels good.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Are You Happy?

happiness, choose, happy, feel, look, love, find, story, fleeting, sad, fight, giggle, everydayMy mom sent me a quote the other day. It read: “You know those moments when you are desperately looking for your sunglasses and you realize they had been on your head the entire time? Yeah, something similar happens with happiness.”

I almost cried when I read this. Okay, I will admit it, I am an overly emotional 20-something. Even so, this quote made me feel all sorts of emotion because I wish someone had told me this when I was younger.

I wish I had realized happiness doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way.

Happiness is fleeting. Life is a series of happy and sad moments. There are moments where happiness lingers for longer and other moments where it seems like it never even existed

The hardest thing for me has been to learn to find happiness in places I never thought it could be found.

I once thought happiness would be attained when I was married and living behind a white picket fence. I lived most of my life thinking happiness was finite. I thought I could enter a room called “happiness” and never look back. I guess you could say I was extremely naive.

I now find happiness all around me. I find it in moments with family. I find it in the sparkle of an eye of a stranger. I find it in those unexplainable moments of kindness people offer up to me. I find it on those lazy Sunday mornings in bed. I find it in the coffee he makes me in the morning. I find it in those unexpected thoughtful gifts. I can honestly say I can find a glimpse of happiness in my everyday.

That is not to say my smile doesn’t hide a certain darkness or some skeletons, but I have risen above a lot of sadness. This didn’t happen overnight. This happened because one day I chose to let go of the heavy burdens I carried every second of my life. The burdens that restrained me from living a fulfilling life alongside happiness and joy.

I used to think I was my past. This kept me from finding true happiness in the present moment. I used to think that was what defined me, but guess what? It’s just a story. It’s my story and I can choose to share it with others if I like. I don’t feel shameful sharing bits of my past with others, but some moments are solely for me.

So instead of wallowing in my pain and disappointments, I choose happiness time and time again.

I choose to smile and giggle 90 percent of my day. Why? Because happiness begets love, kindness, peace, serenity, health, and oh so much more. 

I choose to redefine myself every moment that I wake. I do this by setting out to find happiness in new moments and places every single day. 

I fight for my happiness. Do you?

Love Deeply and Forever,