Why Family Matters Most

family, addams, familia, blood, relatives, unconditional, love, support, celebrate, grateful, thankful, blessings, memories, moments, time, present, wedding, cousin, aunt, uncleI come from a very small immediate family of four. It is just me, my sister, my mom and dad. While there is few of us, there is quite an abundance of love.

I also have many cousins, aunts and uncles, and they’re just as amazing as my immediate family.

There is one thing I know is true about all of my family and that is that we all love each other unconditionally. Whether or not we agree with each other, whether we are at our best or at our worst, we spread love, no questions asked.

If someone is in trouble, another will come save the day. If someone is in pain, another will absorb the pain and dress it in love and gauze.

I have been reflecting a lot on my family dynamic and realize I am more blessed than most. All of my family loves me as much as I love them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am beyond thankful for all of my blessings.

I tend to write about things that bother me or go wrong. It is my therapy. Today I am writing about the things that are right in my life, more specifically, the people, my people…my family.

Like many families, mine is not perfect.

There are certain rifts I wish I could mend. There are certain circumstances I wish were never the case. Although this is all true, I consider all blood relatives family. I will always do my best to guide and support them in any way I can. No matter the distance or financial situation, I will always do my best to give my family lots of love.

Last weekend my cousin got married to the love of her life. I had a spectacular time celebrating their love but it went much deeper than that.

That night, we celebrated our family love.

I danced for hours on end. I am a horrible dancer but I danced because I knew that all of my cousins were present-in one place and at one time.  We are all grown now so such events are a rarity.

This night took me back in time. I remember running around with my cousins on Halloween, I remember hearing all of our aunts and uncles talking much too loud on Thanksgiving, I remember our grandma would get us all the same exact Christmas gifts each year so no one would complain.

I remember so many fond memories of our childhood and now that we are older, I treasure them more than ever. I look back and smile at those simpler and joyous memories. I look back and feel the love that we all shared at those many celebratory get-togethers.

I can’t wait for all of my cousins to grow up and have families of their own so we can recreate those beautiful moments. We will make up our own traditions as well as borrow some from our collective past.

And while we are all still trying to figure it all out, I know we will all come together more often. We will have many more nights of dancing, drinking and laughing, and for that I am more thankful than ever.

Familia over everything.


Love Deeply and Forever,



Memories and Mimosas Over Memorial Day Weekend

mimosas, drinks, drink, wine, memories, memorial day, nostalgia, fun, sun, girls, strong, love, weekend, flamingo, mind, friends, people, happiness, sinfulThis weekend I decided to throw caution to the wind. My girlfriend invited me to her pool party and I just couldn’t say no.

Even though I could never wear a bathing suit, I said, whatever, let’s party! Not only that, but I can’t even drink anymore because I am in my late 20s rather than my early 20s.

Things have definitely changed. Hangovers are not welcomed and blacking out is not cute. Getting lost in random cities is also not trendy, not even with Uber and Lyft around.

I put on my latest summer dress and decided I would go hang out with my good friend. The good friend who I always used to get into trouble with. I sure have missed her, I thought. I went to buy wine at the market so I could just play it safe the whole day.

Boy, was I wrong. All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, red, white and blue Jell-O shots showed up! The mimosas were endless. Very few people paid any attention to the food on the BBQ or the water that was nowhere to be found (except in the pool).

I started floating on a pink flamingo alongside my two new friends, all of us with strong cocktails in hand. The day was perfect and more people started showing up. All of which I had partied with at some point in my life.

My mind went traveling back in time. I remembered all those hazy nights and confusing mornings. I remember being newly single and wanting the world at my fingertips. I remember just wanting to party until grad school started in the fall. I felt broken and confused, just wanting to forget it all.

They were fun yet troubling times. I was in the midst of a huge transformation and I knew it. This pool party took me back to so many places. I couldn’t help but smile. At my naivety and stupidity in general. But beneath all the darkness, was a girl who was about to be reborn and that is why I smiled so fondly at those memories.

Saturday was full of happiness, sun, and sinful cocktails. Just me and a bunch of beautiful girls still trying to figure out this life. All of us are a little bit older, a little bit wiser and still full of so much love and hope.

Thank you for your visit, Sweet Nostalgia. It is always a pleasure to feel with you again.

Love Deeply and Forever,

The Two Things You Can Never Be Ready For

prepare, life, death, birth, motherhood, fatherhood, life events, ready, never, adjust, changeLife is a series of up and downs. We sometimes wake up happy. We sometimes wake up sad without even knowing the reason why. The best we can do is stay positive, organized and mentally “prepared” in the midst of all the chaos.

I try my best to be ready for what each day can bring. Every day has its own curve balls and that is the only thing I am certain of when I wake up. I attach myself to my routine and hang onto it by a thread in order to maintain my sanity through it all.

I would like to say I am as prepared as I can be for each day and/or disaster ahead. I pride myself in staying organized so my mind can be free and clear of clutter. And while many of us try to be prepared for life, there are two things no one can ever really be ready for.

Birth. No one can ever really be prepared for motherhood or fatherhood. No matter how many books you buy or how many podcasts or blogs you subscribe to, you will never be ready enough. No two babies are the same and no baby comes with an individualized handbook. You learn as you go in hopes that your little human doesn’t turn out as messed up as you did.

Death. How can anyone ever be ready for someone to leave them forever? We can write wills and have all the plots picked out in order to take the stress off of our loved ones but the pain will remain for many years to come. Even if someone is of old age, the cut is just as deep. No one is ever ready to lose someone they love. No one can ever say they were prepared to say goodbye. The absence will never cease, and the memories will never be enough.

Like I said, there are two things we can never be ready for. No matter how much we organize or plan, life and death will never be easy. The only thing we can really do under either circumstance is adjust. Of course, nothing will ever be the same but we must simply do our best.

No one likes change. Routine and the familiar will always be comfortable but being too comfortable is also dangerous. We must feel deeply in this life and rise up like a phoenix after pain brings us to our knees.

We can’t beg to return to an old way of life because that will only lead us to disaster and disappointment. And while the cycle of life and death will never be predictable, we must stay as strong as possible and adjust to change any way we can. Find strength in your moments of pain and frustration. The trick is to never give up. Just keep swimming…