Why it’s Okay to be Sad

sad, why, okay, to feel, life, growth, enough, afraid, heal,feelings, express, learn, grow, spiritual, journey, cry, mad, sad, upset, feel, outlet, action, change,I used to constantly be sad while growing up. I can’t explain why I just was. I never fit in, I was never good enough, and life in general just seemed unbearable. It wasn’t until recently that I embarked on my spiritual journey and realized I am, and always will be, enough.

Although I have finally found sweet serenity within my soul, I still have my moments. Those moments when I realize I probably didn’t sleep enough. Or those moments when I have a ‘tude for absolutely no reason. And while I used to lose myself to anxiety during these less-than-perfect moments, I came to realize that would never serve me on my journey.

There’s a specific reason for why I write. It has always been an outlet for me, my safe place. It is where I can feel everything I want to feel, no judgments. Okay, so maybe people judge me while reading my blog… but that’s okay, my own written words never will and that, to me, will always be worth it.

You might not like to write, you might be an artist. Or maybe you’re a chef. Whatever your passion may be, rest assured that it will always bring you great mental health. Outlets let you express your feelings in ways you might have never thought possible and they can offer relief from the stresses of mundane life.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized it’s okay to have dark moments. It’s okay to write the hell out of them or bake pies like there is no tomorrow. It’s okay to clean your house beyond reason just because you feel like you don’t have your life together. These are all methods for dealing with feelings.

I truly believe it’s okay to feel sad, mad, or irritated for no reason. But guess what? There usually is one or several underlying reasons. Maybe your boss got on your nerves the other day or your boyfriend forgot it was your anniversary weeks ago. Whatever the reason, just know that there usually is one.

We must feel these emotions to properly heal and learn how to move forward in life. If we ignore what or why we feel things, I promise you will continue to feel the same day after day. There will be no change or catharsis, just an empty pit of sorrow and regret.

When I feel negative things nowadays, I try not to lash out at others. Of course, I sometimes fail, but I do my best to deal with my emotions within myself.

I often talk to myself to try to figure out why and what I am feeling in that moment. Sometimes the answers are extremely clear and sometimes they are just not, and that it also totally okay. The point is to try, the point is to grow as a result of each and every one of our emotions.

Sometimes I even have to write it all down to figure out the nonsense. I do my best to learn more about my emotions and the emotions of everyone around me. Listening to our feelings rather than dismissing them is not easy but it is extremely beneficial. I understand that the more I understand myself, the more I can understand others.

So the next time you feel sad, don’t wipe away your tears. Let yourself cry until you can’t cry anymore. If you are mad, let yourself think all those horrible thoughts until they finally escape your mind.

Once you allow yourself to feel you can then take a step back and look at the factors that contribute to those particular feelings. Once you figure that out, find ways to make yourself and your situation better. Feelings are what make us human so let’s try to not run away from them, but rather let them flow through us and teach us what we have been afraid of learning all along.

Love Deeply and Forever,


The Secret To Healing

How You Can Forever Change Your Life

spiritual healer

I once thought my mom could heal me. I then thought a Doctor could heal me. Now, I think a therapist might be able to heal me. And while all these entities might have been able to “heal” me at different stages in my life, the truth of the matter is only one person can truly heal me.

I went to see a spiritual healer on Friday. I was just a bit reluctant because I had never met this person before. Could it be possible that they could heal me of all my pains and troubles? I thought long and hard before realizing that I haven’t felt pain in an extremely long time. So what would this healer even do for me? Were they going to just make me perfect once and for all?

I walked in the door and felt an extreme feeling of comfort. It was as though I had met this healer person before. They handed me a cup of tea and told me to stay for a while. I looked into their eyes and just knew I would learn a lot during this meeting.

I still wasn’t convinced of anything until this healer explained what they did. “I am only here to help you on this journey we call life. I do not provide miracles but I will tell you what I do provide. I provide insight into yourself in order for you to become the very best version of yourself. Everything we do here is 100% you not me,” they explained.

The healer opened me up like a book. Remember when I said I hadn’t felt any pain in a while? Well, I began feeling the pain from wounds revisited once I sat down with the healer. They dug deep down into my heart and found a pain and sadness I had even forgot existed.

Energies vibrated, words were spoken, and all of a sudden I saw myself clearer than I ever had before. I saw myself for the strong human being I had become over the years. The healer told me I was one of the few people who truly loved myself. They said I struggled to feel love and appreciation from others but that I didn’t struggle with finding all of that within myself. I smiled at her and realized the only person that could ever truly heal me was myself.