How To Stay In Love Forever

love, forever, safe, partner,years, communication, success, forever, in love, how, to, words, listen, romantic, lust, more, friends, friendship, heart, importantI have known my love for over 12 years. We have gone through it all. Multiple jobs, partners, and life circumstances. We have despised each other as well as adored each other. It started out as lust and turned into so much more.

I met him and knew he was meant to be in my life forever. I can’t tell you exactly how I knew, but there was definitely something about the way he looked at me. His eyes told stories I could only hope his lips would one day tell.

Life continued to happen and we continued to deeply care for each other. No matter what boyfriend or girlfriend of the week the other had, we couldn’t stay away from each other. We had become a little more than friends throughout the years.

They say timing is everything and I couldn’t agree more. I wanted him to let down his walls. I wanted us to reach the next level. We never did. We stayed romantically stagnant as our lust and friendship grew. Whether one or the other was platonic at the time, I will never know.

Anyway, here we are 12 years later. I am more in love than I ever thought possible.

He is my best friend and so much more. He brings happiness to my every day and makes sure I am always safe and cared for. Our family is growing (with pets of course)!

We are a team with an unbreakable bond. And even when we can’t agree, we still long to be next to each other. We know our souls are meant to be together.

We have different views regarding certain topics but we work well because we both are able to listen to each other. At the end of the day, even our smallest disagreements are productive.

Many couples say communication is key in every relationship. It’s true.

Listening is the most essential part of communication. People never forget the way a person who listened to them made them feel. However, they can easily regret sparking up a conversation with a self-absorbed narcissist.

I now realize that I love listening to my partner because of all those years he spoke but said nothing at the same time. All those years that I yearned to know more about that look in his eyes. We were friends with limitations and now we are a team harnessing the power of listening with the heart.

Remember, some of the most powerful things can be said with absolutely no words. If you just listen closely, you can leave the greatest footprint in the hearts of others.

Find eternal love in listening.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why My Favorite Job Is The One I Don’t Get Paid For

work, working, favorite, why, job, career, dream, follow, writing, passion, pay, heart, words, stories, I used to work at the happiest burger place on earth, In N Out Burger. I learned the most important life skills there. I learned that smiles can fix all and that what happens behind the scenes must always stay behind the scenes. I learned to treat everyone like they are the most special person in the world and that hard work never comes easy.

I graduated from In N Out five years ago. I sometimes grab a burger and think fondly of my time there. How young and naive I was and what hard work it was to come together with a group of people for a shared goal-food preparation, assembly, and delivery.

I now work at a finance company. Ironic, huh? I went from throwing potatoes in a fryer to frying my brain with numbers, figures, and negotiations. Anyway, I always thought that if I stayed at this company my dreams of becoming a writer would never come true. I felt like a sellout for a couple of years.

The more I opened my eyes and heart I realized I had it wrong all along. I started this blog in hopes of propelling my dreams and this decision has done so much more than that. I have come to find that my favorite job and my most passionate job is the one that pays me absolutely nothing.

I published an online article on a platform of my dreams and touched many hearts in the process. I am on the verge of having the first book I coached a writer on published as well. My dreams have already come true in so many ways.

The first time I realized my words meant something to someone I knew I did something right. The first time I heard my words brought tears to people’s eyes I realized I have the capability of touching the world with my words.

When I was younger all of that was what I aspired to do. I wanted to create art that evoked emotion I wanted to tell stories with words that could touch people’s hearts. I have accomplished all of this. Secret fans have come out of the woodwork and that alone makes it all worth it.

If you have ever related to anything I have ever written I have to thank you for keeping me going, for making me feel like I make a difference. My supporters are those closest to my heart so thank you for making my heart feel so full.

Although I have my main “hustle,” the one that pays all of the bills and even paid for the laptop I am writing on, my side hustle, the one that includes all my hopes and dreams but happens to pay zero dollars, is the most fulfilling one. It is the one that brings the most love and emotional satisfaction into my world. Choose your dreams. Choose your passion. Choose what brings you love.

Love Deeply and Forever,


Why I Am Such A B*#@$

mean girl, bitch, mean, why, say no, no, direct, command, bullshit, conviction, kindness, don't want, do want, sweet, killing I have been reflecting a lot on my past recently. Mostly because my little sister is 20 and is going through some of the things I already went through. I wonder if I could have been hurt less had I known then what I know now. Of course, this is a mind game I will never win. What is done is done, and there are few, if any, regrets in my life.

I have always been a little bit of an odd ball. The girl who was never Hispanic or “White” enough. And while I wish I could say I have never wanted to please people, I always tried my best to fit in.

This means I subconsciously tried pleasing people along the way. If fitting in meant following the leader of my group or losing a few friends to stay loyal to another friend, I often chose such routes.

As a 20-something year old, I find myself with a handful of true “friends.” I choose quality over quantity now and my life has never been full of so much love.

So why am I such a loner now, you ask? I decided one day I would flip a switch and become a total bitch. I own this title only because of the fact that being a bitch to me simply means saying “no.”

I don’t beat around the bush. I don’t bullshit people left and right when I don’t want to do something. I just say “no.” I still struggle with saying “no” to my friends and family. Obviously, I still have a heart, but I also have to do what is best for me sometimes.

I stand strong in my convictions and being a bitch just comes with the territory. I recently tried the killing people with kindness thing and it worked out really well until it didn’t.

I have an acquaintance who just couldn’t read between my “sweet” lines. I gave a suggestion and they simply told me to go ahead and take my own suggestion.

I was in shock. My jaw dropped to the floor as I realized I have to now be a bitch in every social area of my life. Maybe I will have more haters than usual, but at least I will stay true to myself.

Okay, so maybe I don’t have to be a total bitch, but I will definitely be as direct as possible when I want something done. I will continue saying “no” when I mean it and I will no longer ask people to think about doing things, I will simply command they do them.

I am much too old to be playing the teeny bopper card. I have to own up to not only what I don’t want, but also what I do want.