The Best Skills To Have In Any And Every Career

Who am I? I ask myself this quite often as I am in the process of marketing myself. I have gone through a lot of schooling and realized the best life lessons are those never taught to you in school.

So what are the best skills to have in any and every career ever? What skills will forever transfer across our resumes and make us more than just marketable, but likeable and reliable as well?

Adaptability and integrity.

I have always been a creature of structure and routine. I love rules and direct instruction. The truth is, life is not structured in any way. Things will be thrown at us and it is our job to open our minds and hearts to change in order to adapt to every which environment and situation. This will push us to take action instead of living in fear no matter what the circumstance. If we can take sour lemons and make something that resembles lemonade than life will always taste amazing.

The second lesson life has taught me is that having integrity is everything. It is easy to do the right thing when people are watching and praising us but the true test is whether we can do the same when no one is around. It is important do the right thing at all times, not only when it is going to make us look good. If we stay consistent by living a life full of integrity it will be much harder for us to falter even in times of weakness.

It doesn’t matter what field we train in or what dream job we pursue so as long as we stay true to ourselves and the ever-changing world around us. By being adaptable we can take continuous action instead of freezing in place and by having integrity we can maintain a certain level of continuity within our life and our relationships. So, in reality the best skills to have in any and every career are the same as the best skills to have in everyday life.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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