The Power of Empathy

empathy, love, understand, journey, story, example, objective, advise, life, loveI have a lot of girlfriends who call me with their drama. I am all about girl power and being the most powerful woman possible. However, there is one thing I have learned at 20-something that I never knew before. Although some guys are a little stupid when it comes to reading girls, they are not always completely clueless.

When my friends tell me about their issues with their boys, I always try to be objective. Of course, I love my girls, but the male species is one to really admire. I love how straight to the point they are and how they only do exactly what is asked of them. They don’t seem to over-analyze mundane situations or try to make basic things a bigger deal than they already are.

I had a girlfriend tell me she really appreciates my point of view when she is stuck in the middle of an argument with her guy. I try to make her see that he is not the devil or the scum of the earth and I advise her to try to understand where he is coming from and why he is the way he is.

We all have baggage. We are all walking around with the weight of our own lives on our shoulders. It’s important to not forget this fact while communicating with others.

Sometimes being right is not all it’s cracked up to be. Giving others grace is something I learned not too long ago but, man, I am glad I finally did. I don’t stress out about things or people that are out of my control. I no longer get upset with people who give me attitude because I know it’s not personal.

Empathy is defined as the action of understanding the feelings, thoughts, and/or experiences of others without them ever explicitly stating them. It is really just the ability to forgive people without them ever saying sorry. Empathy gives us the power to have patience with others. It allows us to be kinder and live longer and healthier lives with minimal stress.

I choose to be empathetic with everyone that I meet. I understand everyone has their own story and that story dictates many of their daily actions and attitudes. I often see people lose their patience because they simply lack empathy. Let’s make sure to share the gift of empathy with those around us. The power of example can in turn drive the power of empathy.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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