The Three


I have always wondered how many loves we get in life. Could it be that there is no set number and that we can fall in love with anyone we get attached to? Do we only get one true one? There is no real way to know. I have had three relationships and each one had a lot of love. I do know that all the loves I have experienced felt extremely real at the time.

I recently read an article about the three loves we get in life. I wish I had read it when I was in my teens. Maybe if I had read it before, it could have saved me the heartache. Then again, I am glad I got to number three. The article explained that the first love is that juvenile, puppy type love. The one that you were so certain your family, friends and society would approve of. The second love was that unsustainable passionate one. The one that makes you an addict. The one that makes you extremely happy but extremely angry and sad. It is the love of extremes. The love that you need to let go of in order to stay sane.

Then there’s the third. It is the love that was always there. The love you were always deserving of but never thought you were. It is the love where you are treated like the queen you are. Where you feel confident in your skin and where you are in life and with who. Obviously not everyone gets all three, but I am glad I did. And although number two was pretty horrendous, and number one was extremely innocent and ignorant, I am the happiest and most balanced with number three. He makes me better. He lifts me higher. He makes the days sweeter. A little background, I met number three 11 years ago but simply was not ready for what would come of it. At 20-something, I love myself more than ever before and know that number three is the only type of love I want and deserve for the rest of my life.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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