There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy knew the moment she was not in Kansas anymore. I left Kansas, or Southern California, for 8 days and realized just the same. The East Coast is a completely different coast. The people are different, the scenery is different and even the air is different. I love vacations but I have never loved my home more than after this vacation. As a young child, my parents dragged me on summer vacations every year. Little did I know then that those moments would be some of the most treasured memories of my lifetime. Although this is true, vacations are sweetest because of that moment when you come home. Home is sweet because it’s familiar. The place, the streets, the routine and the people are a comfort since you wake up having a sense of continuity from the day before. We form connections with certain places and people throughout our days and these are comforting in a world where so many things are uncertain. At 20 something, I am in the middle of finding out my life purpose. One thing I have completely figured out is where home is. Home is my condo that is filled with love. Home is my childhood home in San Diego. Home is where my family is. Home is where work is. Homes are the places that bring out the best in you. Home is where you can cuddle up with a blanket and feel safe. It’s a bubble you create for yourself. I love my Southern California bubble. Vacations are nice but home is much nicer. There’s no place like home, seriously.

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Author: Karen Dominique

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