The Two Things You Can Never Be Ready For

prepare, life, death, birth, motherhood, fatherhood, life events, ready, never, adjust, changeLife is a series of up and downs. We sometimes wake up happy. We sometimes wake up sad without even knowing the reason why. The best we can do is stay positive, organized and mentally “prepared” in the midst of all the chaos.

I try my best to be ready for what each day can bring. Every day has its own curve balls and that is the only thing I am certain of when I wake up. I attach myself to my routine and hang onto it by a thread in order to maintain my sanity through it all.

I would like to say I am as prepared as I can be for each day and/or disaster ahead. I pride myself in staying organized so my mind can be free and clear of clutter. And while many of us try to be prepared for life, there are two things no one can ever really be ready for.

Birth. No one can ever really be prepared for motherhood or fatherhood. No matter how many books you buy or how many podcasts or blogs you subscribe to, you will never be ready enough. No two babies are the same and no baby comes with an individualized handbook. You learn as you go in hopes that your little human doesn’t turn out as messed up as you did.

Death. How can anyone ever be ready for someone to leave them forever? We can write wills and have all the plots picked out in order to take the stress off of our loved ones but the pain will remain for many years to come. Even if someone is of old age, the cut is just as deep. No one is ever ready to lose someone they love. No one can ever say they were prepared to say goodbye. The absence will never cease, and the memories will never be enough.

Like I said, there are two things we can never be ready for. No matter how much we organize or plan, life and death will never be easy. The only thing we can really do under either circumstance is adjust. Of course, nothing will ever be the same but we must simply do our best.

No one likes change. Routine and the familiar will always be comfortable but being too comfortable is also dangerous. We must feel deeply in this life and rise up like a phoenix after pain brings us to our knees.

We can’t beg to return to an old way of life because that will only lead us to disaster and disappointment. And while the cycle of life and death will never be predictable, we must stay as strong as possible and adjust to change any way we can. Find strength in your moments of pain and frustration. The trick is to never give up. Just keep swimming…

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Author: Karen Dominique

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