Why Weddings Make Me Cry

wedding, cry, emotion, love, dad, father, daughter, unconditional, vows, chills, why, hope, promise, special, high, make, wonder I went to my cousin’s wedding a few days ago. Before I even got there, I knew I would cry at some point or another. I made sure to apply light makeup so as to avoid a running face. Nothing was going to stand in my way of crying on this special day!

Someone asked me why weddings always make me cry. After thinking long and hard about it, I realized I am a hopeless romantic. There is something about vows that just sends chills up and down my spine. The fact that two people have gone down some difficult roads before finding each other makes me extremely emotional.

I guess you could say I am in love with “love.”

The moment that two people stand at an altar and profess their endless love to each other makes me feel an array of emotions. I think about how this moment is the beginning of an entirely new chapter for them. I think about how they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. I think of how I have seen one or the other grow and evolve into the person they are today, deserving and willing of unconditional love.

I am a big ball of mush at weddings because I feel they are more than an exchange of words, they are an exchange of energy, love and promise. I feel honored when I get invited to one because of the fact that I get a glimpse of what another person’s love feels and looks like.

I tried my best not to cry at my cousin’s wedding. I did super well until my uncle mentioned how my grandma is so missed. I kept my composure until the father-daughter dance.

I realize there is no way to hold tears back when a father dances with his [now] married daughter. I think about how he must still see his adult daughter as a little girl. I think about how a daughter must redirect her trust and completely place it in her husband.

As a girl who loves her father more than anything, the father-daughter dance seems so much more symbolic than I ever thought possible. I always wonder, “Will I ever get that dance with my dad?”

Weddings make me so hopeful for the future, for not only the celebrated couple but myself. Most people in attendance are happy and excited and that alone is contagious. You could say I leave weddings with a “love” high.

I love when people choose to love each other. In that precious moment, I just know the married couple is the happiest they have ever been. I also feel extremely honored they chose to invite me to be a part of their happiness.


Love Deeply and Forever,


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Author: Karen Dominique

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