Why What’s Coming Out Of Your Mouth Doesn’t Even Matter

mouth, doesnt matter, talk, speak, passion, love, heart, listen, conversation, tone, temp, craft, art, wordsI hate to say it but my mind sometimes wanders. I often lose myself in a different dimension when it’s convenient and/or more fun. I get upset when my partner does the same to me. I guess you could say I am a walking contradiction, a hypocrite at best.

I once heard an artist say that he loves to watch people in their element. Whether it be tinkering with a clock or detailing a car, he said there is just something artistic about watching someone in their craft.

As a writer, I find the same to be true about words. There is something amazing about the tone and the tempo of a person’s voice that just gets me. I get lost in some conversations, not because they are boring but because I am listening to the complex variation of their words.

Some people’s passions come out in the form of their words–in the way that they talk about what it is they love rather than what they are specifically saying about it.

I find this to be true about the love of my life. I realize I get excited when the tone of his voice is excited. I realize I love whatever it is he is talking about because I see the light in his eyes as he describes it. Some details can get lost in translation, but emotion never does.

I feel what people feel the moment they start talking about something they love, cherish or appreciate above all else. I listen with my heart. And while some words sometimes escape my memory, the reason they were said never does.

If you are ever wondering if someone is even listening to your tangent about whatever it is that matters to you that day, remember that the best listeners listen with their hearts. What we say sometimes doesn’t even matter, but how we say it will forever live on in the heart of the world.

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Author: Karen Dominique

I am a writer of sorts. It is my passion above all else. If you need any coaching or ghost writing services please feel free contact me.