Why I Am Just Like Angelina Jolie

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I just read an article about Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair. I found myself reading an article about a damn celebrity. I never thought I would be that 20 something reading stories about the rich and famous celebrities so many people want to be and/or emulate.

I was in a secluded cabin in the woods, can you blame me?

I quickly wanted to get to the point of this stupid article. Why was it featured in this magazine? Why did an excerpt state that Jolie liked to live life “boldly?” I read some stuff about how she moved into some 11 million dollar home with a bazillion bedrooms and bathrooms. I almost threw up when she said she only moved in there for “the kids.”

I kept reading even though I had my food stuck in my throat. Suddenly I realized under all the money and fame Jolie is just another human. She is one who has made mistakes, gone through phases and who likes to cry. A lot. She said she likes to cry in the shower so the kids don’t hear.

Out of everything I read about this celebrity vixen, the reason she lived life “boldly” stood out to me the most. She said she can’t live life any other way. She likes to do huge things once in a while. She likes to travel the globe and raise awareness for genocide and mass poverty.

And while I have never done anything of the sort, I do know I also live my life as boldly as possible.

I make mistakes and I make big ones.

I fall and I fall extremely hard.

I love and I love harder than anyone I have ever known.

I live life boldly and in my own way. Maybe it’s not the Jolie way, but it’s the Karen way. I can’t see myself living life any other way.

When I was younger I thought I was cursed but now I realize I wasn’t put on this earth to be plain, simple or vanilla. I was put on this earth to be bold, act bold and always stand out. Whether it be in the most positive of ways or in the most negative of ways, I have always and will always be bold and that is totally okay.

Do you choose to live your life boldly?


Love Deeply and Forever,


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Author: Karen Dominique

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