Why I Forgive and Forget

forgive, forget, forgiveness, grace, gratitude, present, power, emotion, love, heart, healthI listened to an interesting NPR podcast about criminals the other day. It posed the question of whether criminals can be reformed. It explained that some can, others cannot.

What I will never forget about this specific episode is the fact that they talked about personalities and how they are not fixed things.

We would like to believe that people close to us are, and forever will be, a certain way, when in reality they can make a rash decision at any given point in time.

The human condition is not a predicatable thing. Although we like to categorize it at such, we are all imperfect humans with desires, instincts, and impulses. Some people can surpress these things, while others let these things get the best of them. So when people say things like “He was the nicest guy,” yet he happened to slay someone, this stark contradiction says it all.

As we are all a part of the human condition, I recently decided to forgive and forget all of those who have commited transgressions against me in the past. It’s not necessarily the easiest thing, but it is definitely the healthiest thing.

We all make mistakes. We all stray from the predictable personalities those around us believe make up our whole being.

Here’s the thing, I used to hold grudges like they were my favorite accessory. I refused to let them go because of my ego. It wasn’t until I developed severe anxiety that I realized grudges did not serve me. I had knots in my shoulders every day and thoughts that just refused to let me be.

I have decided I want to live my life in the present. I have decided that I do not wish to give others any power over my life and/or my emotions. And guess what never hurts anymore? My shoulders. Guess what never gets the best of me anymore? My ego.

I used to think forgiveness was for the weak but I now realize you don’t have to actually say “I forgive you.” Forgiveness can take place within the depths of our hearts. It need not be shared.

I forgive people all day. I understand they are on their own journey and that it sometimes bleeds into their everyday interactions. I forgive people who have hurt me in the past because it allows me to take my power back.

Of course, there is a fine line. Although I forgive and forget, I do not allow negative energy within my life. I have a peaceful bubble I have created filled with love, gratitude, forgiveness, and grace. Those that wish to join me are welcome, and those who wish to destroy it can retreat.

I know those that have caused me harm in the past saw a bit of themselves within me. I forgive them. We are all on the greatest journey we call life together, and I cannot judge others or their actions nor do I wish to. That will all work itself out in the end, but for now, I live a life full of forgiveness because that is what makes my heart shine brighter than any star in the sky.

Love Deeply and Forever,


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Author: Karen Dominique

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