Why I Live For The Weekend

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We all have our reasons to live. Some have kids, others have businesses, and some even live for their significant others.

I support all reasons to live and excuses to give and try a little harder. I have many reasons to live but today I have to talk about the main reason I make it Monday through Friday.

At 20 something, I can honestly say my weekends have always meant different things to me at different points in my life. While in college, weekends were a reason to party, while in grad school, weekends were the days to get all my errands done.

Much has changed in my late 20s.

I work a job that requires extensive driving. I love the freedom but can’t deny the fact that it is taxing on my body. Things are finally starting to hurt. Wrinkles are starting to form and stress can be difficult to avoid on some days.

My mind and body require a reset in order to effectively function. I work out often and eat right (most of the time). I try to keep my body working like a fine-tuned machine at all times. And while I do all that is possible to reset during the week, my body requires so much more.

Call me “old” or call me “boring” but my weekends are my time to sleep!

I used to think those “weekend warrior” shirts were stupid but things have changed. I am that person. This might change the moment I have kids or the moment I get married, but for now I am loving and looking forward to all that is weekend and weekend-related.

When I used my weekends as full errand days all of my days would mesh into one and that became real old real quick. Studies show that people live more fulfilling lives if they constantly look forward to something. My “somethings” are the weekends.

I wake up somewhere between 11 to noon. I often have my boyfriend serve me breakfast in bed. I then watch mindless crime shows and think about all the things I don’t need to do that day. Some weekends I work out both days, while other weekends require pure couch vegetation.

No matter what type of weekend it is, I love and savor every moment of it. I take in every moment I get to spend with loved ones, and that alone is my reason to live today.

Some weekends I have saved for just myself and those can also be just as special. While some people require extensive vacations, I simply require beautiful weekends.

Today is Friday and this weekend seems extremely promising. Some errands are unfortunately involved tomorrow, but after that it just going to be a lot of hibernation and good food.

Cheers to your weekend! Cheers to my weekend! Cheers to life!

Love Deeply and Forever,


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