Why Life is All About Limits

limits, growing up, taught, intake, rules, life, why, team, help, spartan, race, all, about, bullshit, humanity,Growing up, we are told to always push ourselves to the limit. We are told to live a life without limits. We are even told the sky is the limit.

I call bullshit.

Of course, we can push ourselves to accomplish our dreams, and if we are determined enough they can all come true. I am not saying that is a lie.

My whole life is an example of this. I have followed my dreams and many of them have already come true, all before I even reach 30. But I am not here to preach about how awesome I am, at least not today.

When it comes to dreaming, I’ll agree, there are no limits. When it comes to real life, I can honestly say everything is about limits.

We are all a little crazy in our own ways. Some of us are OCD, some of us are ADD, and some us have NPD. Whatever the case, some of us take medication and the rest of us just don’t. We must stabilize our own type of crazy in one form or another, at least that’s another thing we are taught while growing up.

For me, I have serious anxiety and alcohol issues. If I don’t exercise, I suffer from severe anxiety attacks. If I don’t control my drinks, I suffer from transforming into a monster. Oh, and don’t even get me started on food… I am currently on Keto and hating every moment of it.

Life is all about limits. We have to constantly limit what and how we say things. We must limit or alcohol intake. We must limit our food intake. We must even limit how often we express emotions and to who we express them to.

I pushed myself to my limits this weekend. I participated in my first Spartan Race. And no, it wasn’t the beginner level, it was the mid-level race. I didn’t train, I didn’t research, I didn’t even eat or hydrate properly.

biiiiiiiiig mistaaaake.

I’ll admit, I did things during this race that I never thought possible. My body impressed me in many ways and made me appreciate all it can do.

But sometime during the race, I reached my physical “limit.” My special diet and lack of water caught up with me, and no matter how hard I tried to shake the pain, my body went into shock and wanted to shut down.

I didn’t let it.

My teammates helped me pull through and I got to that finish line with dirt, mud, and sweat all over my face. I pushed myself till the very end, limits and all. So yes, we all have and can reach our limits but our limits do not define us.

While we should limit things like our sugar intake and TV watching habits, our hearts should never have any limits.

I witnessed many people helping each other out during the race. My team literally carried me when I needed it and I, in turn, helped those who I saw had reached their limits as well.

Humanity can be kind and it can be judgemental as well. We have limits in place for a reason and while I might not always agree, I now know that limits aren’t that bad.

Limits can force us to take serious looks at ourselves and at each other. They can bring people together and they can help us set goals for ourselves and all those around us.

Set your own limits. Do better than you ever have before. But never forget that we all have limitations and they are nothing to be ashamed of, some are to be accepted, others embraced, and some are even meant to be challenged.

What are your limits? Which ones should you challenge and which ones should you not?

Love Deeply and Forever,


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