Trick Questions Girls Ask Guys

“So how much do you miss me?” A friend of mine asked her boyfriend. “6. A solid 6 out of 10.” He answered.

BIG MISTAKE, BRO! Poor guy, he fell into a trap the moment my friend opened her mouth. The correct answer: a trazilion. I miss you times a trazilion million.

Although my friend is a grown woman and her boyfriend is more of a manfriend than anything that resembles a boy, her question was pure trickery. Was it fair? No. Was it cute? Well, she thought so. Until his response wasn’t cute then the whole cuteness thing went to hell.

Why do girls ask guys such trick questions? I’m sure studies have shown men are more simple and direct than any woman could ever be. They see it black and white while women see it every which color of the rainbow and in different color combinations.

I think girls do it because they think or hope guys understand the language they are speaking. I have found this is most definitely not true. The sexes speak two different languages and I think girls should cut the guys a break. It is not their fault they don’t sit there and over analyze every situation that is in front of them.

From my experience, guys are usually linear and direct in the way they speak and act. Girls oftentimes get frustrated because they can’t read between the lines. Well, isn’t there just pure blank spaces between lines? Guys just don’t speak in metaphors or algorithms and that is truly something girls should admire.

Although girls have to oftentimes provide guys with exact directions, methods and descriptions for them to understand what they are even saying, that is the beauty of it all. A guy and a girl get together and form a relationship in hopes of finding balance. I think we should be kind to our guy counterparts, nature made them exactly as they should be and we should never try to change that.

*Other trick questions girls may ask guys:
“Do I look fat?”
“Isn’t she pretty?”
“Are all guys like that?”
“Should I lose weight?”
“What would you change about me?”
“Should I get plastic surgery?”

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Author: Karen Dominique

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